Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Dark Magician Deck

One of the most recognised Yu-Gi-Oh card, the Dark magician. It is a spellcaster type with a Dark attribute and it is a level 7 normal monster card. Use powerful spellcaster monsters to summon and create a quick offensive. Or defend and summon a monster from your extra deck.



Dark magician x3

Magician of Dark illusion x3

Dark magician of chaos

Magician’s robe x2

Magician’s rod

Rescue rabbit

Legion the fiend jester x2

Royal magical library

Gemini elf x3

Double Coston

Effect veiler x3

Max’ C



The eye of Timaeus

Dark magic attack

Dedication through light and darkness

Illusion magic

Swords of revealing light

Ancient rules

Twin twister

Pot of duplicity

Galaxy cyclone


Secret village of the spellcasters

Dark factory of mass production



Magician navigation x2

Dark horizon

Magician’s protection

Jar of avarice

Xyz reborn

Royal decree x2



Extra deck:


Amulet dragon

Dark paladin


Downerd magician

Emral Daigusto

Number 103: Ragnazero

Number 82: Heartlandrac10

Number 104: Masquerade

Number 39: Utopia

Number S39:Utopia the lightening

Ebon illusion magician x2

Mecha phantom beat dracossack

Number 11: Big eye


Armades, Keeper of Boundaries

Ally of justice catastor



XYZ summon an Ebon illusion magician, activates its effect to summon a Dark magician or Gemini elf and combo attack with the normal spellcasters and the XYZ monster to banish cards.

Use a Dark paladin or Secret village of the spellcasters and a Royal degree to completely lock down your opponents traps and spells.

Dark magician support cards include: The eye of Timaeus, Dark magic attack, Magician’s rod, Magician’s robe, and more depending on your perspective.

If you do not get the cards to summon a dark magician. Use various cards to XYZ and synchro summon monsters to stall.


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