Ways in how to find ideas in what to write about?

Written by: Lee Sonogan

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Before I tell you anything, you need to research and write what your passionate about. Unless when your more experience in it where you can try writing something new. Writing is subjective, so don’t doubt your own ideas. Your own ideas are great if you are knowledge about the topics and paragraphs you are writing about. Use your own ideas to start you off in any project. Researched ideas should be used to extend and improve your original vision of what ever you intend to write in the first place.

What is an idea? James Webb Young said in his book ‘A technique for producing ideas’, published in the 1940’s “An idea is nothing more nor less than a new combination of old elements. Then he would say ” The capacity to bring old elements into new combinations depends largely on the ability to see relationships,”.

Writing takes practise and the passion to create. One method in finding inspiration to write is to save and gather information about what your writing about. Most of the time I have at least 10 drafts going on my blog. When I am not feeling clever enough to write/edit, you can resource relevant information for your self or search for images to make your writing look a bit better. Make a document of all these saved information or even write it down in a notebook. All the choices are up to you. Then eventually sift through that information.

If you have a blog or an other writing platform to get your stuff out there, you need content to get followers to your site. You can create content on almost any topic. It all depends what you want to write about. Relevent content could be Lists, reviews, written interviews, articles, bibliography, and so much more.

Now the information you need on the topic/themes of your public writing. Information can be gathered in many ways. The easiest way to find information on what you need is the internet and search engines. Articles, sites and various extra forms of writing can be found most likely on any topic you want to write about. Study this information, copy it and then write the facts and sentences in your own words.

Information can be found by the individuals using writing exercises. Cubing where a topic or idea is examined from six different viewpoints. Set yourself a limit of words and do some freewriting. Listing the elements and information of your topic. Brainstorming with someone or a group. Conjure a word storm and write down words that come to mind when you see a another word. Creative mind mapping. Gather images if you are the type of person to get inspired from it. List pros and cons of what you are going to write about. Plus so much more.

Your content could be improved by adding a little bit more. Relevent quotes, studys, references, links, tables, diagrams, formatting and so much more. Needed to make your writing more professional and to improve your thoughts and sentences.

Sites to get good quotes off:

Overall, you should embrace all these ideas. And write what you know and passionate about. The only way to make writing fun and enjoyable. To gain confidence in what you have written, sharing it could spark new ideas, add to it and make the overall process to be more creative. Feedback can only strengthen your idea/s. Final tip I can offer is to recognize yours and others good ideas. Rinse and repeat and in no time you will have the understanding of what your good at writing, see more good stuff in other peoples writing and improve your literacy skills overall.





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