Stuff to look forward to in 2017

Tomorrow is the new year. Depending on if you had a good or bad year, next year is coming within some hours. This list is a compiled list of entertainment and extra that could get you excited for next year or give you an option to do something new. 2017 has been designated as the international year of sustainable tourism for development by the United Nations.

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  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The dark side of dimensions – January 20
  • Logan – March 3
  • Ghost in shell – March 31
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales – May 26
  • Captain underpants – June 2
  • Wonder Women – June 2
  • Spider-man: Homecoming – July 7
  • IT – Sep 8
  • Justice League – Nov 17
  • Star Wars: Episode VIII
  • Creed 2
  • Saw: Legacy
  • The dark tower
  • Guardians of the galaxy: Vol 2
  • Kong: Skull island
  • T2: Trainspotting
  • God of war
  • Sherlock: The final problem

Video games

  • South park: The fractured but whole
  • Yooka-Laylee
  • Injustice 2
  • The legend of Zelda: Breath of the wind
  • Sniper elite 4
  • Uncharted: The lost legacy
  • Red dead redemption 2


  • Donald Trump becomes president (We will have to see what happens when he is official in charge) – January 20
  • The 2017 World Expo will open in Astama – June 10
  • Wrestlemania 33
  • The spacecraft Cassini-Huygens, after having studied Saturn for 13 years, will be disposed of by plunging into Saturn’s atmosphere – September 15
  • Collection of records established by the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 must be completely disclosed to the public – October 26
  • The release of the Nintendo switch
  • International scientists intend to complete the worlds first synthetic yeast, intended for the use in the production of medicines and biofuels, by 2017
  • Public holidays
  • New System of a Down album
  • Possible a new Tool album
  • Google and private funded teams will explore the moon in 2017
  • New season of Game of thrones and Stranger Things
  • Hyperloop One, envision trains that travel as fast of planes will be tested in 2017
  • More drones used by company’s with warehouses across the world
  • The first human head transplant
  • Improvement of Virtual reality
  • So much more stuff most likely!

Short and sweet. The day before the new year is harder than I thought to find things that I can guarantee. But I am hopeful that the world as a whole will do great things and I personally will achieve/improve in writing and general life stuff. Here is a video to consider, mental ideas you may want to start trying next year.



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