Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Cyber Dragon Infinity

This card is one of the most over powered cards in the game. Only recently being aload in the competitve card duels. Easy to summon and two powerfull effects to keep in on the field for many turns.



Lightray diabolas

Galaxy soilder x3

Cyber dragon

Overlay booster

Electromagnetic turtle x3


Golden ladybug

Denko Sekka


Card trooper

Cyber phoenix

Thunder king rai-oh

Maxx ‘c’

Reflect bounder


Helping robo for combat x2



Swords of revealing light


Luminous spark

Burial from a different dimmenion

Galaxy cyclone

Card of demise

Upstart goblin

One day of peace

Light of redemption

Instant fusion



XYZ reborn x2

Jar of avarince

Vanity’s emptyness

Mirror force

Scrap-iron scarecrow

Starlight road

Call of the haunted x2


Total (40)

Extra deck:


Cyber end dragon

Elder entitiy Norden



Stardust dragon


Gaia dragon, the thunder charger

Cyber dragon infinity

Cyber dragon Nova x2

Number 61: Volcasaurus

Number 14: Greddy Sarameya

Number 103: Ragnazero

Number 101: Shark Honor ARK

Gear Gigant X

Daigusto Emral

Number 82: Heartlandraco

Number 80: Rhapsody in berserk



Use a XYZ summon a Cyber dragon Nova and immediely summon Cyber fragon infinity using all those cards on Cyber dragon Nova.

Have two light monsters in your hand and draw a Galaxy soilder to get two Galaxy soilders special summoned to the field and ready fpr Cyber dragon nova or other level 5 XYX monster in your extra deck.

Stall with: Electromagnetic turtle, Reflect bounder, Denko Sekka, Thunder king rai-oh, Reflect bounder, Biofalcon, Helping robo for combat

Protect and power up Nova and infinity with: Honest, Starligh road, Swords of revealing light, stardust dragon, scrap-iron scarecrow, mirror force, Vanity’s emptyness

Recycle your good cards with: Daigusto emral, Jar of avarience, XYZ reborn, Call of the haunted, Burial from a different dimension, Light of redemtion

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