Ungroovygord’s top 100 video games

Written by:Lee Sonogan – 16/12/2016

Here it is at last. Top 100 games not in order but a list of the best 100 games. My list my rules. If I Leave some out that you might like, Tough mittens. Or it could be I have never played it or heard of it before.


1. Tetris

2. Space invaders

3. Super Mario bros.

Image result for super mario bros.

4. Online chess

5. Sonic the Hedgehog

6. Pokemon Red/Blue

7. Quake

8. GoldenEye 007

9. Legend of Zelda: A link to the past

10. Super Mario world

Image result for super mario world

11. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time

12. Super mario 64

13. Mario kart 64

14. Pokemon stadium 2

15. Mario party 3

16. Diablo II

17. Donkey Kong 64

18. Banjoe-Tooie

19. Mario tennis

Image result for mario tennis 64

20. Paper Mario

21. Conkers bad fur day

22. The legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

23. The legend of Zelda: Oracle of time

Image result for oracle of time

24. Halo

25. Tony hawk: Underground

26. WWE: Here comes the pain

27. Runescape

Image result for old school runescape battle

28. Empire Earth II: The art of conquest

Image result for empire earth II the art of conquest

29. Banjo-Kazooie

Image result for banjo kazooie n64

30. Pikmin

31. Racket and Clank 2: Locked and loaded

Image result for ratchet and clank 2 locked and loaded

32. World of warcraft

Related image

33. Final fantasy tactics

Image result for final fantasy tactics

34. Super Mario sunshine

35. Total Annihilation

Image result for total annihilation

36. Chrono Trigger

Image result for Chrono Trigger

37. Pokemon coliseum

38. Sonic adventure battle 2

Image result for sonic adventure battle 2

39. Uncharted: Drakes fortune

Image result for drakes fortune

40. Angry Birds

41. Grand theft auto IV

Image result for grand theft auto 4

42. New super Mario bros. WII

Image result for new super mario bros. wii

43. Super Mario Galaxy 2

44. Pokemon battle revolution

45. Battlefield: Bad company 2

Image result for bad company 2

46. God of War II

47. The Deadpool game

Image result for the deadpool game

48. Portal

Image result for portal

49. League of legends

50. Call of duty 4: Modern warfare

Image result for modern warfare

51. Red dead redemption

52. Donkey kong country returns

Image result for donkey kong country returns

53. Cut the rope

Image result for cut the rope

54. Age of empire II HD edition

Image result for aoe II HD battle

55. Last of us: Remasted

56. Injustice: Gods among us

57. The binding of Issac

58. MineCraft

59. Guitarhero: World tour

Image result for guitar hero world tour

60. Batman: Arkham City

61. Super Mario 3d land

Image result for super mario 3d land

62. Payday 2

Image result for payday 2

63. The walking dead: Season 2 (Telltale Games)

Image result for the walking dead season 2 telltale game

64. Call of duty Black ops 1

Image result for black ops 1 zombies

65. Super Smash Bros. 4

Image result for super smash bros 4

66. Watchdogs

Image result for watchdogs

67. South park: The stick of truth

68. Assassins creed: Black flag

Image result for assassins creed black flag

69. Yu-Gi-Oh: Legacy of a duelist

Image result for yu gi oh legacy of the duelist

70. Super Mario maker

71. Journey

72. Race the sun

73. Saints row: Gat out of hell

Image result for gat out of hell

74. Grand theft auto V

Image result for gta V

75. Undertale

Image result for undertale

76. Pokemon Go

Image result for pokemon go

77. Doom (2016)

78. Call of duty: Black ops 3

Image result for revelations black ops 3

79. Pokemon Sun/Moon

80. The elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Image result for skyrim

81. Bioshock

Image result for bioshock

82. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Image result for san andreas

83. Final Fantasy VII

Image result for final fantasy VII

84. Uncharted 2: Among Theieves

Image result for among thieves

85. Half-life 2

Image result for half life 2

86. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2

87. The sims 2

Image result for the sims 2

88. Grim Fandango

Image result for grim fandango

89. Dark souls

90. Rollercoaster tycoon 2

Image result for roller coaster tycoon 2

91. The legend of Zelda: The wind waker

Image result for the wind waker

92. Super smash bros. Melee

93. Max Payne

Image result for max payne original

94. Super meat boy

Image result for super meat boy

95 Pokemon tower defense 3

Image result for pokemon tower defence 3

96. Wii sports

97. Team fortress 2

Image result for team fortress 2

98. Earthworm Jim

Image result for earthworm jim

99. Star fox 64

100. Mortal Kombat X

PS: If I were to add any more videos, it would take ages to load up. So some on the list are images of the games in the Top 100 list.




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