50 Movie plots off the top of my head

These days movies are rebooted and ideas are reused. I can think of ideas on the spot that are original ideas that could be made into a movie. You be the judge if these ideas are interesting or need development.


  1. Zombie apocalypse from the perspective of the main character who dies at the start and when he comes a zombie. Genres: Action, drama, apocalypse
  2. Prison movie where prisoners from the Norway prison system are sent to a Australian prison. Genres: Drama, comedy
  3. Everybody in the world mutates and gets superpowers. Multiple character and origin storys. Lead to a big fight at the end. Genres: Action, mystery
  4. A retired architect struggles as he trys to design the perfect home. He has a creepy feeling that somebody is watching him. Twist ending where it turns out to be a young homeless person living in his crawl space.
  5. An augmented reality game turns a world against each other. The world splits into four groups and reality and video games collide as each fighter in real life gives them points in the augmented reality game. These battles are live to the world and used to settle issues between the four new nations. Genre: Action, political, dystopia
  6. Alternating worlds where one is a utopia that live in a world of logic and peace and a different world in chaos and greed.
  7. Two different type of characters and friends agree to switch bodies but they learn to much about each other. Based in the future.
  8. A video game tournament with massive stakes and a twist at the end where the biggest bad guy in the story wins it all, but he cheats.
  9. An alcoholic man decides to become a superhero to stop his world from bullshit. A fight scene he uses a wizard stick made of empty cans to fight.
  10. No dialog film in a forest with supernatural elements. Needs good music if it were to work as a movie. Genre: Musical, horror, mystery
  11. A non for profit company gets new volunteers and the volunteers spread into two groups. Ends with a dodgeball game to solve individual gang/crew differences.
  12. A man struggles as he really needs to read an email, but gets distracted. Big twist at the end. As he read the email out loud, it says that there will be severe consequences if he does not do a work thing.
  13. Lost under the city of New york, a young man escapes his reality and creates a new one with all the things he finds that people throw away.
  14. On island, a group of survivors try to embrace communism and try to work together Genres: Drama, indie, political
  15. A man with amnesia is forced onto a japanese game show where he must do mental and physical tests to uncovering his memory. He is freaked out about not knowing anything until the twist ending. He agreed to take a pill with effects that cause you to lose all memory for a short time for the game show to win money.
  16. A highschool school is snowed in and the students and the school is split in two divided by students and teachers. Supernatural elements could be added to the story as in the middle of the film have one of the characters see something outside and no one believes him/her.
  17. Someone is blackmailed into spray painting a certain symbol everywhere in the city. He is then on the lam against the law as they know it was him. Final scene with main character meeting his blackmailer. The blackmailer gives him money but the main character gets mad and attacks him.
  18. A band is sent to a medieval type world and their music is called magic.
  19. A fraud convinces a person that he is related to him and they become friends. The fraud turns out to only wants to mooch of him. The person catches on and they both plot to manipulate each other.
  20. A rags to riches story. A homeless man falls into a anciently cave and finds many rare minerals, gold, diamonds and one new rare mineral worth billions. The story is him making decisions on what to do in what he house found.
  21. A story that involves the fallout to WW2. The main characters are former Nazi scientists that are safe in there new life but get bored. All these main characters meet up and create something wonderful. Themes: Nationalism, Right and wrong, regret, power, hatred and some many more ideas could be developed.
  22. A curse causes people to loses their ability to walk and every walks around on their knees. The main character is surprised to notice that this affliction that has happened to many everyday people.
  23. An ancient evil returns water rises from the ocean to create a floating ocean. People at first like it and some even use their boat on it. Then Kafulu like creatures starting causing chaos to everyone in the world.
  24.  Technology getting out of hand as the newest mobile phone causes people to be obsessed and completely avoid their daily routine.
  25.  An epic tale of someone of a master of excuses, his excuses causes him to get involved in something dangerous and unforgiving.
  26. A story of people waking up and creating a revolution to make significant change
  27. A man falls out of a movie in a drive in and realises he can make his own reality in a fiction movie of his choice.
  28.  A prophet that becomes worshiped by connecting all religions together.
  29. The christian god before the big bang. Genres: Action, comedy, fantasy.
  30. A burned out CEO changes things up in his company.
  31. A person learns all the laws and uses loopholes to do what that person wants.
  32. A story where 2 groups of people are trapped by acid rain in their homes.
  33. A rapper engages a person in a rap battle and accidents says the right words to summon a demon/monster.
  34. A man caught in sleep paralysis can not control his body but suddenly can read people’s thoughts.
  35. A cats owner trys hard to make his cat happy and show affection to him.
  36. A red cloud where if you look directly at it and posses you to be a cannibal zombie like creature with no shadow.
  37. A cursed blu ray sucks people into the reality of a tv show. The main characters favourite characters in the show trys to convince them to do something very odd relating to the fictional shows story in the potential movie.
  38. A thriller in the 19th century on a boat. WW2 era pirates with unnatural talents take the passengers hostage.
  39. An app talks to the main character and is dragged into a world with computer AI online.
  40. In a maze a group of college students are followed and stalked by an unusual character.
  41. A human being trolls the world with his despicable actions and comments
  42. A giant meteor is about to crash into Earth. In the final moments, it goes straight through the planet. This causes confusion and chaos as people learn why the Earth is transparent.
  43. Giant maggot monsters terrorize the planet? A strain of experiments found to make living things bigger. Only few can save the world as giants.
  44. A mountain cyclist is chased by a shadow monster. Genre: Horror, thriller, mystery
  45. A movie about the aztecs perspective as only 1000 man from spain with firearms slaughter their nation.
  46. A heist movie about robbing a rich guys house. Turns out this guy has it all bobby trapped and he is in control of his house invaders.
  47. An animation, live action combo about the greek gods. Relate themes to modern references.
  48. A mockamentry about a metal band that is filmed by demons?
  49. A man stuck in a bubble and abducted by aliens and experiences a new kind of life.
  50. A curse possesses plates and when they break they reform into a form and absorb more plates to become a monster. The whole country and the suggested the whole world is affected by this curse.


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