Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Deck Destruction Deck

A mill deck or deck destruction deck is where you force your opponent to lose cards from their deck until they have no more cards. The turn when you draw with no deck is when you automatically lose. To achieve a win with this deck, you need to duel your oppent untill the end of there deck.



Junk synchron x3

Dark bug x3

Needle worm x3

Warm worm x3

Aroma jar x2

Hiro’s shadow scout

Golden ladybug


Bicorn Re’em

Sheild worm

Aziekipede, the worm warrior

Doom dozer



Galaxy cyclone x3

Book of eclipse x3

Extra net


Cup of ace

One day of peace

Swords of revealing light

Gravekeepers servant



Dark bribe x3

Appropriate x2

Call of the haunted

Jar of avarice

Dark scheme


Extra deck:


Wind-up Zemaines

Number 49: Fortune tune


Dark diviner x2

Armory arm

Old entity Hastorr


Goyo guardian

Iron chain dragon

Black rose dragon

Clear wing synchron dragon

Stardust dragon

Stardust spark dragon

Trishula, dragon of the ice barrier

Leo, the keeper of the sacred tree



First of, do not let your opponent see what type of deck you have. Longer you stall them at the start is too your advantage.

The main draw power of this deck is using Appropriate . Set it as soon as possible. Wait until your opponent draws outside there draw phase or force them to draw and you will get 2 back in return. Combo Appropriate with One day of peace, Dark bribe, Extra net, Cut of ace,Hiro’s shadow scout, or Book of eclipse.

Combo forcing them to draw with you cards that makes them lose card with their decks. The main cards with effects to mill decks are: Dark diniger, Gravekeeprs servant, Needle worm, Warm warm and at least 3 other cards.

Use Junk sysnchron to summon all your strong Synchron monsters. Easy to summon good level 4 Sychro monster quick. Stall and leave at lest one monster on the field and the extra monster could help you summon the very strong synchron monsters in your extra deck such as: Underground arinad, Stardust spark dragon, Trishula, dragon of the ice barrier and a few more choices.

Dark bug can by summoned to special summon back Junk synchron from the grave and you can then pull of a Synchro summon

Use Jar of avarice to recycle your useful spell and trap cards. Save a monster or two if your running low of monsters in your deck.

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