One Punch Man, a tv show review

A tv show/Anime review by: Lee Sonogan

(2015-) 24min/ Animation, action, comedy (Season 1)


Saitama and his sidekick, Genos become official heroes as they fight monsters and learn from other superheros. Saitama is called One punch man because it only takes him one punch to win any fight. This usually makes his foes explode with gut flying around in a gory fashion. Its animation action crossed with its over the top type of humour creating an awesome blend of adult cartoon goodness.

The animation is very detailed and each character benefits from its style. In this world, there are many monsters and robots that are good and bad. One punch man interacts with them with some of the most crazy and epic scenes I have ever seen. I like Saitamas character because he is somewhat depressed and unmotivated with his power. His power is so strong, he is chill is every situation like a boss.

Overall, its style and action make it a one of a kind show. The show is very fast paced with a lot happening quickly. Though you can understand the story fairly quickly. The show has equal quality fights compared to Dragon ball z.  I recommend this anime to new people to the genre and people who already enjoy animation.



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