Final Boss, an album review

An album review by: Lee Sonogan

(2016) Electronic, experimental, video game


Electronic is the new kind of music that everybody is tinkering these days. Max DC, George Broady have put their heads together and created some interesting beats. It’s hard to define what the style is. Futuristic, electronic, video game and whatever other sub-genre. All the artwork was made by Max DC on Photoshop. My top 5 favourite songs on the album: Dr Breen, Mr Beale, Brawl, Frost Beast and Magna Beast.

A perfect blend of video games and electronic beats and it’s not even over the top in the video game suggesting sounds. Song Mr Beale and Magma Beast were entirely made by Max DC with them being two of the best on the album. Max DC, George Broady made the album with Guitar Pro 5 in a week.

Overall, I am happy to see what my mate creates in music next. Then he said this, “Just you wait till I finish my audio production course and make my first solo album,”. It’s hard to define what this style is, but I like it a lot. All songs are epic and need to be listened to. I recommend this album full of different music who just need something new and going to hit them straight away. Please support the official release in the link below.


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