Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Blue-Eyes Deck

Created by: Lee Sonogan

The Blue-eyes white dragon is the most reconised Yu-Gi-Oh. Any person who likes dragons would enjoy a Blue-eyes white dragon.



Aroma jar

Master with eyes of blue

Keeper of the shrine x2

The white stone of the ancients x3

The white stone of legend x2

Sage with eyes of blue

Maiden with eyes of blue x3

Dragon spirit of white x2

Blue-eyes alternative white dragon x2

Blue-eyes white dragon x3

Deep-eyes white dragon

Red eyes darkness metal dragon



Swords of revealing light


Dragon sheild

Dragon shrine

Return of the dragon lords

Manusoleun of white x2

Burst stream

Twin twister x2

Foolish burial

One day of peace

One for one


Wonder wand



Starlight road

Dragon’s rage

Royal decree x2


Total (42)

Extra deck:


Blue-eyes spirit dragon x2

Azure-eyes silver dragon x2

Stardust spark dragon

Stardust dragon

Black rose moonlight dragon


Slacker magician x2

Number 39: Utopia roots

Galaxy-eyes cipher dragon

Hope harbinger dragon titanic galaxy

Number 107: Galaxy-eyes tachyon dragon

Number 15: Gimmick puppet giant grinder

Number 95: Galaxy-eyes dark matter dragon


Discard a blue eye with a combo of these cards to get it special summons onto the field: Twin twister, Dragon shrine (Then, The white stone of legend), Trade-in, One for one – Then all the White cards and Return of the dragon lords, Red-eyes darkness metal dragon.

Use Wonder wand on most of the White cards and summon a Blue-eyes at the same time.

Dominate the field with your Blue-eyes and only use your XYZ’s and Synchro’s when you make a offensive.

Stakk with Blue-eyes spirit dragon or tribute it to summon to summon Stardust spark dragon or Black rose moonlight dragon from your extra deck.

Rember you have level 1 XYX monsters, 1 for offensive and 2 for stall.

Use Keeper of the shrine to summon and recycle your Blue-eyes white dragons.


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