Stuff to look forward to in 2017

Tomorrow is the new year. Depending on if you had a good or bad year, next year is coming within some hours. This list is a compiled list of entertainment and extra that could get you excited for next year or give you an option to do something new. 2017 has been designated as the … Continue reading Stuff to look forward to in 2017


Ungroovygord’s Top 100 Movies

Written by: Lee Sonogan - 27/12/2016 Not in any order, just my top one hundred movies currently. Comment if you have not seen any movies on this list. Just a straight forward list this time with some links. Batman: Begins Batman: The dark knight - Batman: The dark knight rises Fight club - reading Ungroovygord’s Top 100 Movies

List of my reviews and there ratings

Written and reviews by: Lee Sonogan All my ratings and reviews that I have created so far. Find new posts you did not notice before or easily refind the reviews you have already read. Movies: The lobster - 8.2/10 - Mortdecai - 3.2/10 - Absolutely anything - 5.6/10 - Hail caesar! - … Continue reading List of my reviews and there ratings