Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Burn Deck

A burn deck contains many cards that will reduce your opponents life points to zero. With this deck, you will win fairly quickly with the many effects of these cards. All you need is a certain amount of cards and time to win with this deck. I recommend this deck to new players to this game because the concept/strategy of this deck is easy to understand



Golden lady bug

Maxx ‘c’ x2

Secret sect druid wid x3

Reflect Bounder x2

Thunder king rai x2

Trap reactor Yi fi

Sacred Crane x2

Goblindbergh x2



Blackwing – Gofu the vague shadow x2

Black luster solider – envoy of the beginning



Swords of revealing light


Wave-motion cannon x3

Supply squad

Instant fusion

Galaxy cyclone x3

Dark snake syndrome

Pot of desires



Zoma the spirit x2

Nightmare wheel

Magic cylinder

Judgement of anibus


Call of the haunted

Scrap-iron scarecrow


Extra deck


Photon papilloperative

Number 101: Silent honor ARK

Number: 103 Ragnazero

Number 44: Sky Pegasus

Dark rebellion xyz dragon

Gagaga cowboy

Number 39: utopia

Number s39: utopia the lighting


Powered inzektron

Clear wing synchro dragon

Black rose dragon

Stardust spark dragon

Beelze, king of dark dragons

Blood mefist

Leo, the keeper of the sacred tree


Elder enity Norden



Use Wave-motion cannon for the win to reduce the opponents life points to zero in one shot or do it in less turns and combo with a another damage life points card. Recycle this card with Secret sect druid wid.

Get through your deck quicker with Maxx ‘c’, supply squad, pot of desires and sacred cranes.

When you think your open to have a chance to inflict life points, do it because you will have an adventage when you use the combination of dark snake syndrome, wave-motion cannons and various over effects.

Combo with Thunder king, and Trap reactor to stall them and good protection for an offensive.

Use Goblindbergh or Call of the haunted to special summon a Sacred crane.

Use Blackwing – Gofu the vague shadow to synchro summon strong synchro monsters easy.

Aim of this deck is to make your opponent lose their life points as soon as possible.

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