Pokemon Sun, a video game review

A video game review by: Lee Sonogan

(2016) 3DS/Action, adventure, family


The newest handheld Pokemon game from Nintendo. It was released world-wide on November 18, 2016 with its counter part game Pokemon Moon. These 2 games are based in the Alola region, designed from the look of Hawaii. There are four main islands to explore as you thwart the schemes of the criminal organisation Team Skull and compete in the Island Challenge. This game has so much new and various things to offer.

The story has many new elements in their main bad guys and general style of characters. The group Team Skull does not want to take over the world. The story with all the main character develop straight from the very start. Way later in the game, there is also cameo appearances too.

Newest Pokemon in the game are average at beast. Dont get me wrong, the three starters are all very impressive and the Alola forms of past Pokemon are impressive in how much detail their differences are. Grimers and Muks are usually purple piles of goo do to absorbing pollution. But in this region, there is not much population, so they rely on eating garbage. Giving them change in colors and Pokemon types. These small climate changes can relate to many of the new Alolan forms.

The new features in this game makes this overall different compared to the other games. Get this concept through your head. No gym leaders and no HM’s… That’s right. To progress in the game you must under go a trial that involves different kinds of challenges. Then you must defeat a totem Pokemon that has special perks. After beating a trial, you can return to the same place and then catch Pokemon from there. You are also rewarded quite well for the trials. HM’s are replaced with borrowed Pokemon. As mounts, you can ride these Pokemon and they all have their own specific abilities. This helps with not having to fill your team with HM moves.

Z moves are the best new feature to the game. The introduction of Z-moves were said to be implemented to make every Pokemon viable during the game as Pokémon developers disliked how some Pokémon were never used. You can only use it once a battle, but very handy to use to train Pokemon one on one in an area of grass or cave. You obtain the crystals that allow you to do z moves by completing trialsand extra.

Name of Z moves:

  • 10,000,000 Volt thunderbolt
  • Acid downpour
  • All-out pummeling
  • Black Hole eclipse
  • Bloom Doom
  • Breakneck blitz
  • Hydro vortex
  • Malicious moonsault
  • Twinkle tackle
  • Tectonic Rage
  • Supersonic skystrike
  • Subzero slammer
  • Stoked sparksurfer
  • Soul – stealing 7-star strike
  • Sinister arrow raid
  • Savage spin-out
  • Pulverizing pancake
  • And more

Overall, I still have not finished the game. The post game story involves new legendary Pokemon called Ultra Beasts and the battle tree with many past trainers. I was very unprepared when I made it to the Battle Tree and Red and Blue ambushed me straight away. At least it gave me a choice who to fight know. Despite completing the post game of the game, the whole game to the elite four was beautiful. The story, puzzles, cut scenes, music, battle gameplay and more made this a one of a kind Pokemon game. The only bad thing about it is one of the characters constantly describing her feelings and people waving to each other. I have not rated a Pokemon game before, so this rating will set the limit to all Pokemon games and the many more to come.

PS: Shut up and get this game already.


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