Existing time

A poem by: Lee Sonogan


Existing time

Bound by space and time

Conscious and unconscious is full-time

The tempo of infinity continues in the meantime

For some people’s perspective, time is slow while they need to climb

Our enviroment and general life struggle to find the time to shine

It is hard to cope with the extent of lastingness of time and then, make it rhyme.

Organising your week

Trying to be a good geek

Or trying to get a good physique

Continuance is lost during the workweek

So to speak

When you know, its hard to speak

Just a another law of nature to test you if you are strong or weak

Present, Future and the past

Important questions never asked

Reboots and membering things apart of every new newscast

A generation made to be an outcast

When time goes fast

Our liquid drugs glassed

Our ability to not be aware is unsurpassed

Time is not to be killed but a juncture

To experience and be more like a well made sculpture

Use your time to be you, not a sheep apart of our declining culture

Deny the elite in their infrastructure

Time can leave you vulnerable to a vulture

Is it worth some time and effort to build a bunker?

If time travelling was real

Do you think that individual/s would make changes to heal?

Why make it you responsibility when you can profit and steal

Our leaders and politicians control us with this ideal

Unity in the time that we have it is there Achilles’ heel

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