Issues and answers: Beginings

Issues and answers: Part 1

Written by: Lee Sonogan


Hi, my name is Lee Sonogan and i am the writer of Ungroovygords. My blog mostly contains entertainment types of lists, reviews and articles. But now i want to try something different. I have been researching ideas for a non fiction book for some time now. But now i want to use that information to write a series of articles on this blog. Maybe one day I can come back to this information and use it in a book with new and relevent information adding and improving to what i have already have written. This series of articles will talk about many different themes and topics involving the issues and the answers to our problems. These are strictly ideas and information that i have found and theorised my self. I hope these articles create an interest for the reader and they start reading it with an open mind. In this first article, I would like to discuss the start of humanity.

“We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special.”
― Stephen Hawking

Charles Darwin’s theory states a notion that all life is related and has descended from a common ancestor. By Natural selection, we evolved most likely from apes. How apes during early times were chased out of forests by dinosaurs and larger predators. In the fields they ate magic mushrooms to survive. If you belive in other origin storys, that’s fine if it does not hurt anybody. But scientifically, The big bang is responsible for creating life. But the origin of our species is not the purpose of this article. Humans and how we can live together is its purpose. Humans began as cave living in small groups. They communicated through gestures, click languages and cave paintings to tell storys. The women were gatherers and the men were hunters. They were not very smart and 70 percent of all deaths were from illnesses. But they were curious and lived by a Animism religion. Evolved occurred and the human race grew creating tribes. Years go past and they live harmony together enough to start creating languages. Hunter-gatherer societies rarely engage in war. The website Peaceful Societies describes highly peaceful societies which exist around the world, some hunter-gatherer and others not. The populations range in number from hundreds to thousands. While their characteristics vary, the societies tend not to glorify leadership or individualism, and all have convictions in nonviolence. It has also been found that more equal societies have less homicide. Our society could become more peaceful if resources are distributed more equally, and children are not raised to believe that war in inevitable.

Our genetics are involved in how we can even attempt such evil actions that effect mankind. The most convincing evidence that at least some of us are inherently violent is the existence of the so-called “warrior gene.” This gene is technically known as monoamine oxidase A (MAOA), and while everyone has it, in a certain percentage of the population this gene exhibits low or no activity. Interestingly, those who have a low-performing MAOA gene are more prone to aggression and violent behavior—hence, the name “warrior gene,”. It turns out, around one-third of people in the Western world have the warrior gene, and it’s present in as much as two-thirds of people in other, especially tribal, populations. Incidentally, women are less likely to have the gene since women have two copies of the X chromosome (where MAOA is carried), and it’s suspected the availability of two MAOAs would counteract any deficiency.

In 2012, author and Harvard professor Steven Pinker wrote a book explaining that, contrary to popular belief, modern people are much less violent than their ancestors. Among other things, he cites the decline in murder rates, a drop in capital punishment, and lower war deaths (proportionally speaking). However, others call the 20th Century the bloodiest, cruelest time in history, fraught with endless wars and unprecedented cases of genocide. According to the Polynational War Memorial there were an astounding 237 wars between 1900 and today, starting with the Boxer Rebellion and continuing to the current war in Afghanistan. So, even if Pinker is right and things are better than they used to be, we still have a craving for war that we just can’t shake. The first city ever to be discovered was called Jericho now located near the Jordan River in the west bank. The first civilisation lived in this city and there has been evidence of Trading and growing vegetation there. With lack of knowledge and people full of ignorance created by violence, war and desire for power. And this human nature and desire of people has continued all the way to 2016. For at least 8,000 years and maybe longer, and we have only had 200 years of peace during that time. Plus years and years of slavery, torture and ideas/values the are irrelevant and counter productive.

Timeline before the birth of humanity:

  • 0 minutes: The big bang. Space and time are created
  • 3 minutes: The first elements (mostly hydrogen and helium) form. The universe expands and cools so fast that heavier elements don’t even have a chance to be created.
  • 380,000 years: The universe’s temperature drops enough for the protons and neutrons to begin capturing electrons. Also, for the first time, light travels freely through space, and the fog of the early universe clears. This light is still detectable today as the cosmic microwave background.
  • 200 million years: The Milky Way forms. The Earth’s home galaxy was formed not long (well, in cosmic terms) after the first stars.
  • 10 billion years: Life on Earth begins. The effect of harsh solar radiation and lightning on a primordial soup of organic material may have kick-started life.
  • 11 billion years: Oxygen accumulates in the atmosphere of the Earth. The essential gas for animals to breathe appears for the first time.
  • 4000 million years: The earliest life appears
  • Hundreds of thousands of years: It is uncertain, but believed that we evolved from a specific species of monkey (Homo habilis, Homo eretus, Neanderthal and Home sapien) after millions of years of evolution.

To begin understand our problems you first need to know the information in how life started. Our evolution going through all the ages to modern times has been long process. But consider this, what have we truly improved and sustained that kept the unity and peace? I see cooperation as one of the key ways to improve the world issues and problems. Do not think that we will live in a value system in constant wars and that it is always going to exist. As technology is soon to replace jobs and livelihoods, humanity is going to make a choice. Let the few in power continue there choices to maintain the status quo or a revolution/s based on change for the benefit of all people. The more I write these articles, the more information i will tell you in an unbiased way. These options/ideas should be considered and attempted, so you are informed when the time comes to make your choice, depending on your situation.

“Nevertheless so profound is our ignorance, and so high our presumption, that we marvel when we hear of the extinction of an organic being; and as we do not see the cause, we invoke cataclysms to desolate the world, or invent laws on the duration of the forms of life!”
― Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species

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