President – Elect

A poem by: Lee Sonogan


He is seventy years old

And his ideas/values are very bold

Within his stronghold

He has pushed through the threshold

His plan for his first 100 days is something to behold

To what may come, is hidden behind a blindfold


Star on the walk of fame

His success so far makes people think it’s a bloody shame

He was booed at the WWE Hall of fame

The man has a right to his claim

But politics is a game

For the powerful individual to gain


Power giving to him by his father

Had it easy at in every corner

But has a degree in economics to offer

Before we can go further

The businessman needs to win the people over

Before what he says cause him to be put out to slaughter


I do not know if he really wants to help or people are pulling his strings

That’s why i did not really care what political party wins

The sniffs and words he flings

Are confusing and aggressive things

I guess we will have wait and see what he brings

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