We need to know the nitty-gritty

A poem: By Lee Sonogan


In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

We need all truths to be uncracked

Find out the information we lack

How far are the secrets stacked?


The truth is power

It is used against us every hour

Waiting to the day of our zero hour

life shall be sour

Like a degrading fire tower.


Truthfulness, rightness, factuality and the honest truth

Things we teach our fountain of youth

The lies to indulge in your sweet tooth

Go on, keep voting at your voting booth.


The naked truth will not cause the end

Each one of us will ascend

Do not be scared of change my friend

The truth will trend

Life could be so much more than you can comprehend

Legitimacy of information could be a godsend.


Who has the right to collect data that could benefit all if available

would it be so terrible

If this information was obtainable

And then it was sustainable?

Humans are strong and this is attainable

At least the truth will be unforgettable

Then we may be more and adaptable.


The future is swaying

What is this game are we playing?

Do you understand what i am saying?

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