Indirection complexion

A poem: By Lee Sonogan


Expectation of the perfection

Words that divide individuals actions into a section

This concept has an impossible connection

With this worlds invisible imperfections


Propaganda, environment and influence


forms of mold to shape our consciousness

Do you care about all the thoughtlessness?


Is there something inside you?

Does it struggle to get through?

Out of the blue

Your muscular tissue

may a bit or too


Do not fear

Ungroovygords is here

Life may be unclear

We will persevere

And hopefully each and every one of us will be better by the end of the year.


We all need to change from within

Make an impact for better for what has been

Life in the present is weird and needs to been seen

Our indepenant reality are wearing thin.

What is our an actual sin

for enduring a sells pitch everyday on the chin?


You should not be told who you are

It should be found in a life experience until you get a mental scar

or having fun at a bar

Do not listen to your average television star

Listen to a song from an acoustic guitar

You get the picture, this is not a seminar.


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