American History X, a movie review

A movie review: By Lee Sonogan

(1998) 1h59min/ Crime, Drama


A former neo-nazi skinhead trys to prevent his brother from going around the same wrong path he did. This movie stars Edward Norton and Edward Furlong in a powerful movie of racism and personal change. This is one of the two best films that Edward Norton stars in. With a budget of 20 million, this movie made 23.9 million in the box office. America History X is rated 31 in the website IMDb and it rightfully deserves its place there.

Edward Norton turned down Saving Private Ryan to do this film. Before filming began, Edward Norton and Edward Furlong shaved their heads for their roles. You might know Edward Furlong as the kind from the second Terminator movie all grown up. Edward Norton also gained 30 pounds of muscle. In the opening scene of this movie Edward Nortans Character creates an epic scene as he curb stomps a guy on the side of the street.

overall, its deep and powerful as The character Derek Vinyard trys to help his brother. His character is based on real life skinhead Frank Meeink. The movie excels at acting, story, development, quotes and more. To add to some more interest of this film, the word “fuck” was used 214 times. The CD soundtrack was released November 3rd 1998 by Angel Records.I reccomend this movie to people fans of good dramas and interested in a story about a interesting concept about neo-nazis.


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