Breaking Bad, a tv show review

A tv show review: By Lee Sonogan

(2008 – 2013) 49min/Crime, Drama, Thriller


Going five seasons and winning many awards, the tv show will go down as one as the best of all time. Starring Byran Cranston and Aaron Paul, this show has now made the big time stars in Hollywood. Breaking bad is about a high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer who turns to manufacturing and selling methamphetamine in order to secure his family’s future. This show depicts high levels of drug use and violent crimes. When characters on the show are smoking meth, they are actually smoking sugar or rock candy but do not inhale. Its original style has changed the culture and entertained so many people around the world.

The director of the show is called Vince Gilligan. It was Vince Gilligan’s decision to finish the show in season 5. He didn’t want to make the mistake many successful shows make by running too long until the quality decreases. Many fans were surprised that such a successful show had stars who weren’t very famous. Vince Gilligan said that this was by choice, and as the show went on he actually rejected big-name stars in favour of lesser-known actors.

Sony and AMC were initially reluctant to cast Bryan Cranston because of his previous comedic roles. They approached John Cusack and Matthew Broderick for the role of Walter White. When they both declined, Vince Gilligan was able to cast Cranston. Walter was originally written to be 40 years old. AMC felt that 40 was too young for Walter to have a mid-life crisis and requested his age change to 50. As the series progresses, Walter White starts wearing more and more black or dark-coloured clothing. In several season 5 episodes, he wears mostly black or dark grey.

There are many other good characters in the show other than Walter White. He and Jesse played by Aaron Paul are the main characters. Jesse Pinkman was originally slated to be written out by the 9th episode. During the hiatus caused by the writer’s strike, creator Vince Gilligan, impressed by Aaron Paul’s portrayal of Jesse, decided to reinstate the character. Aaron Paul says the word “bitch” 54 times throughout the series. Walter whites son, played by RJ Mitte has cerebral palsy in real life. His case is much milder than Walt Juniors. He had to learn to walk with crutches and slow down his speech to play the part. Jesse and Walt Jr. are the only regular characters from the first season who never meet each other in the series.

The comic relief character, Saul Goodman was also introduced in season 2. The character was so popular, Vince Gillain made a prequel of Breaking bad called Better call Saul starring the actor Bob Odenkirk. Giancarlo Esposito played Gustavo Fring, one of the most epic villains in the whole series. A fried chicken franchise owner who also deals with meth hires Walt to make the speciality blue meth for him. This bad guy has a brutal and unpredictable death in one of the scenes of the show.

Overall, Breaking Bad is a one of a kind show. It’s dark and gritty, its crime stories are interesting with all the drug lords, it’s got a well-written story and humour, and each actor plays their role perfectly. Even Skyler, Walter Whites wife, but not according to many fans online. Walter White’s character from season 1 to 5 is quite a transformation. It’s incredible to watch him be every one’s bitch then evolve into the badass drug lord. You gotta see it to understand what I mean. The last season dulls down a bit but ends the series in a very well written way. I recommend this show to anyone who likes the actor Byran Cranston and people who like original tv show concepts and pure epicness.

9.3/10 PaleyFest_2010_-_Breaking_Bad.jpg

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