How to play the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game

For new people to the game, it can be intimediating and put you off the game completely. But do not fear, i have written the basics in how to play the game for you. The aim of this game is too destroy your oppentent life points with your monsters and various effects. Adding to how complex this game is, there is over 6000 cards out there. My personal favourite trading card game to play.


Above us a diagram of the feild in the trading card game.But before the duel you have to make a deck first. A get must be between 40-60 cards. Depending on your strategy, you would have a bigger deck, otherwise most people use the limit of 40. Deciding on what type of deck you want is hard. You can use a arch-type of monsters of make your own stragey to win. Some cards are limited so look at the current ban list for the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game. To make a perfect deck requires practising with a complete deck and taking out cards that do not work well in your deck for better ones.

Your strategy can be based off many things. On all the monster cards, they have types, attributes and various other factors. All these factors have some kind of support card for it or combo card. Most decks contain half monster cards and half spell and trap cards in there deck. Look at this website , find individual cards you like and make a strategy anout them. Consider what monsters you choose in your deck and how are you going to summon your best monsters. One monster at a time can be normal summoned to the feild, unless you have a effect that lets you do more. Plus you can special summon as many monsters as you want if you have the right cards in your hand with the right effects. Some stronger monsters require tribute to be tribute summoned. Level 5 to 6 requires 1 tribute and 7 and above require 2.

The extra deck zone can contain up to 15 fusion, xyz and synchros at the same time. Each of those types of monsters are summoned in different ways. Fusion monsters are summoned with the spell card Polymerization and some other card effects. There are many support cards for fusion monsters in the game. xyz monsters are summoned when you have 2 or more monster on the feild with the same level. Then you can xyz them all together and use the individual monsters for matertails to activate the xyz monsters effects. Use a Rank up spell card to give some of the xyz monsters a big upgrade. Synchro monsters are summoned with atleast one turner monster.

Finally the newest type of monster card in the game. Pendulum monsters can be used in many ways. Some say there to overpowered and have ruined the game. But they can be countered and eventually stoped if you know what your doing. When pendlum monsters are destroyed, they go on the top of your extra deck. On the field there is two pendulum zones. You can place your pendulum monsters there. Each pendulum monster has a specific number on it. The number between the two monsters on the field you control allows you to pendulum summon that amount of monsters. Pendululum monsters from the top of the extra deck and your hand to the field depending on he nmbers of the pendulum monsters on the field.

Pendulum cards a feild spell cards are similiar. When they are in theres zones they active specific effects to your feild. This adds to how overpowering the pendulum monsters are. But they are a fun and interesting deck to play against or use. You get a max 5 monster and spell & trap zones. Spells and traps are used for offensive and defence. They break into categetorys such as normal, quick-spell, continuous, counter, feild and epuip. Each have there own effects and are support cards to many arch-type decks. Put spell and trap crads face down on the feild even if you can not use them yet. This could potential stall them, but also put cards you could use in the future at risk.

When you are battling, there are turns and pahses you go through. At the start of a duel, there is a game of rock paper sizzzors to determine who chooses which person goes first of second. With the hundreds of different of decks you can make in this game, not all decks are defensive enough to make a good first turn, while some are not agressive enough for the second turn. The person who goes first does not draw a card and and canot attack, so most people usally go second. At the start of every turn except the first, you get to draw a card adding to your starting hand of 5. Then you enter the first main phase. That phase you put things onto the feild and make a good defensive or offensive with your cards to protect your life points. Plus use your card effects in this turn too.

Then you can enter the battle phase. You can attack with your monsters one at a time unless it has a effect to attack more. The difference between the attack of the the attacking monster and targeted monsters attack is decreases your oppents life point with are usally 8000 to begain with. But your attack could be reflected, negated or cause a effect bad on you. Then you can put out cards and activate effects again in the main phase 2. Then you end your turn. Duels can go over 50 turns and one person loses all there cards in there deck. The turn when you draw nothing, you lose the game. The form of winning can be used in a deck called a deck destruction deck.

There are two ways to lose your cards and it is hard to get them back. The graveyard zone and the bannish zone is what happans after certain card effects. Every deck should be able to recycle cards and return them to the feild, hand graveyard or deck. Some decks are made with many cards that banish cards from effect.

There are multiple forms of duels you can play with people. You can play a free for all with the reccomend max people of six. Or you can partner up with people and defend each others feilds. Or parters can share one feild and amount of life points. Depeding how you decide to play the game, you can decide on the rules with your oppenant. I reccomend you play one of the Yu-Gi-Oh games on a emulator or handconsole to the learn the game. Two games with good turtorials are Yu-Gi-Oh: Legacy of a duelist and a online program you can download called Yu-Gi-Oh: Dawn of a new era. I hoped this helps and encougred you to learn the game.


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