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Minecraft is an open world game, sandbox game developed by Mojang. Originally released on the 18th of November 2011, it has set the level for open world survival games. Microsoft bought the video game company Mojang back in 2014 for $2.5 billion dollars. This game can be played in survial or creative mode. You want to play it in survival mode first to experience the best parts about the game. With features such as weapons, blocks, potions, farming, mining, crafting, collecting, online, creating and so much more, you will be creating your world for hours.

  • It’s easier to catch fish in the rain.
  • Put Cows in a room and feed them wheat to make them breed. You should see love hearts on the screen.
  • Despite their lack of arms, creepers can climb ladders.
  • You can ride a pig with a saddle.
  • You can activate a wooden pressure plate with a bow and arrow, if there’s a fire under it.
  • A splash potion of harming will heal a skeleton and a splash potion of healing will harm a skeleton.
  • Cook your food in an oven with timber materials, a lava bucket, blaze rod and more.
  • Milk reverses all poison and good or bad potion effects.
  • You can drag any MOB with a fishing rod.
  • Snowballs hurt the Blaze MOB 1 and a half hearts.
  • Sugar cane grows faster on sand.
  • Slimes will always jump in a straight line.
  • It takes 4 Minutes 10 Seconds to break obsidian with your fist.
  • An arrow shot at a primed TNT will come right back at you.
  • An egg has a 1/256 chance to hatch 4 chickens at once.
  • Boats won’t break if they crash into soul sand.
  • Sneaking effects you reach distance.
  • The best layer to mine for diamonds is level 12.
  • There is a 1% chance a zombie will drop a carrot on easy mode.
  • Weather happens around every 7 Minecraft days, which is 2 hours real-time.
  • Pumpkins are more difficult to find than diamond.
  • Water destroys cobweb.
  • You can fish underwater.
  • You can obtain a dragon egg by pushing it with a piston.
  • You can eat spider eggs.
  • Wells can randomly spawn in deserts but only have a 1/1000 chance.
  • Noob trap, put a room with a nice decoration, a glass floor above the lava sea… and a bed  in the nether.
  • Be well prepared when you face the 2 boss MOBS.
  • You can get mods for Minecraft expanding its worlds, resources, mobs and much more.


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