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To truly enjoy a movie from the start to the end, each individual movie needs an interesting scene to conclude the movie. Some are twists and some are leading to the sequel of the movie. Overall, movie endings are very important. CAUTION SPOILERS ARE MOST DEFINITELY GOING TO BE IN THIS LIST !!!

  1. Seven – The murderer, John Doe offers to lead two detectives two find the final body’s that complete the seven cardinal sins. In the desert, the killer makes one of the detective choice to kill him or let him live after he admits of cutting off his wifes head and placed in a box. This creating the last sin of Wrath.
  2. The game – The main character is harassed and twisted beyond belief. The final scene depicts him falling to his death and then landing in a jumping castle with all his friends and family watching. The whole thing has been fake and planned.
  3. The sixth sense – Another good twist at the end, With Bruce Willis’s character learning that he has been a ghost the whole time. Not even knowing when the kid in the story basically tells him. A must watch psychological thriller by director M.Night Shyamalan.
  4. Fight club – The director David Fincher saw the violence as a metaphor of the conflict between consumerism and the next generation. But it’s also about people who fear vulnerability, but are still happy to lash at out others. Best of all, it blows you away at the end. With the two main characters watching some towers explode and eliminating all debt in the process.
  5. American psycho – This movie gets real crazy. One of Christian Bales best solo movies and a really good psychologically thriller. The twist ending is revealed through a book of the main character
  6. The others – A another good movie with an ending twist. Supernatural things happen in a family house in WW2 and it is revealed that they are all dead and in fact ghosts.
  7. Inception – After a very long movie involving infiltrating dreams, the main character played by Leonardo DiCaprio, finally finds the way to see his kids again. As they see each other for the first time in the movie, the main character spins a dial. This dial is used to see if you’re in reality or not. The dial continues to spin and suggests that he is still in a dream of sorts.
  8. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead mans chest –  Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp is eaten by the Kraken in this movie. And on first watch, i could be thought that he is dead. But in the final scene, Tia Dalma says at the end of the world you can bring people back. Giving hope for a decent sequel. Then, Captain Hector Barbossa from the first movie is alive and becomes their new captain.
  9. The Prestige – This movie has a big twist at the end where Christian Bales character is revealed to have a twin. Most of his tricks revolved around the twin and the two switching at different times. It’s a satisfying ending to a real good written story. Hugh Jackman’s character loses in the end of the movie and its a good death.
  10. Shutter Island – This intense movie at a mentally ward, always keep you guessing. Leonardo’s character is a detective investigation a murder. But in the last scene, you find out that he is actually just crazy. In the final scene, he remembers what he is and decides to die as a good man, not a monster.
  11. Batman begins – Detective Gordan give batman a Joker card at the end of the movie which signals the Joker.
  12. The Shawshank Redemption – After many years, Morgan Freeman’s character meets his friend at the end of the movie. It’s a rewarding and satisfying ending that wi
  13. The Lobster – This dystopia world is show in a very interesting way. The main character in the last scene makes a big sacrifice to conform to that world’s society.
  14. The experiment – Based of a real life test, this movie pushes the boundaries of human limits in a controlled environment. After the insanity concludes and the participants leave the facility
  15. Batman: The killing joke – Batman finally catches up to the Joker after a complex plot and story. Batman offers to help the Joker, but the Joker refuses. Then, Joker tells a decent joke that Batman just loves. Batman is losing his mind over it as the movie ends.


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