ARQ, a movie review

A movie review: By Lee Sonogan

(2016) 1h28mins/Sci-fi, Thriller


A Netflix original movie, this movie takes the time loop theory to a different level. The ARQ is a device originally created to make limitless energy. But instead, it makes a time loop every time the main characters die. Ren, played by Robbie Amell, dies many times out through the movie and unlocks the mystery and twists of the scenario with the character Hannah. To add to the story, the world is in an energy crisis and a group called Torus will stop at nothing to get the device from Ren.

The whole movie is shot in one house and was directed by Tony Elliott. The shooting of the movie took place in Toronto, Canada and took just over 19 days to film. The concept of this movie dates back to 2008, where the creators of the tv series Orphan Black hired him because of this unproduced script. In 2016 Mason Novict, John Finemore, Kyle Franke and Nick Spicer produced the film with Netflix and under the Lost City and XYZ films banner. Elliott has quoted the movie being made with a budget of under 2 million dollars.

John DeFore of The Hollywood Reporter called it a “tricky little time twister that makes the most of its limited resources”, comparing it to Groundhog Day and Edge of Tomorrow in its concept. DeFore wrote that the film throws many new wrinkles into its looping plot, causing viewers to eventually stop trying to predict characters actions.

Australia was nuked in this movie with Torus trying to take control of all livable land. I have read a lot of small reviews for this movie and it took me a few days to decide to watch this movie. Overall, it is an original story that is well written and will always keep you guessing. It is an intense psychological thriller, that is more entertaining than you think it would be. Only some lines are dull and repetitive. But the loops are always different and develop the story. Plus the music in it is good in making the scenes more intense. The ending of the movie concludes well with the relationship between the two main characters and has a twist ending that would suck.



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