Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Insect Deck



  • Dark Simorgh
  • Black luster – Envoy of the beginning
  • Dark bug x3
  • Junk synchron x3
  • Golden lady bug x2
  • Rescue Rabbit
  • Sonic duck x3
  • Princess of Tsurugi
  • Neo-spacian grand mole
  • Reed butterfly
  • Aroma jar
  • Marshmallon x2


  • Swords of revealing light
  • Raigeki
  • Supply squad
  • Galaxy cyclone
  • One day of peace
  • Reinforcement of the army
  • Soul charge
  • Final countdown
  • Burial from a different dimension
  • Forbidden dress
  • Gravekeepers servent


  • Starlight road
  • Fiendish chain
  • Scrap iron scarecrow
  • Mirror force
  • Jar of avarice
  • Dna Surgery
  • Call of the haunted x2


  • Trishula, dragon of the ice barrier
  • Leo, the keeper of the sacred tree
  • Stardust dragon
  • Clear wing synchro dragon
  • Goyo guardian
  • Underground Arachnid x2
  • Dark diviner x2
  • Underworld fighter Balmung
  • Armory arm
  • Leviar the sea dragon
  • Wind-up Zemmanes
  • Crystal alien
  • Number 49: Fortune tune

Use Marshmallons, Neo-spacin grand mole, Aroma jar, Swords of revealing light and other trap cards to stall and set up your better cards.

Too keep them on their toes, use Final countdown.

Regain life points with golden lady bugs and Aroma jar.

One of the key ideas of this deck is to recycle your Junk synchro to summon all the synchro monsters.

Best and easier card to summon in the deck is dark diviner, use it to destroy opponents deck. Combo with Grave keepers servant and Forbidden dress to defend the monster. Use Underground archnnid to combo an attack with it. To summon that monster, combo a level 3 monster with Dna surgery and it can be summoned.

Use Black luster soilder and Dark simorgh to help with the attack and defense of the battle by special summoning them quickly.

This deck can be used in the first turn to make a decent defensive in the first turn.

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