50 Things to do when your bored


There is always something you can do. Do not just sit there and complain about what to do. With different interests you could potential have, it could surprise you.

  1. Be creative depending on your interests and passions
  2. Read a book, graphic novel or other form of literature
  3. Excercise: Help health and mood
  4. Clip your nails and shave off body hair
  5. Tidy and clean up your room/house
  6. Watch a new or old movie or tv show
  7. Play a new or favourite video game
  8. Go to a video game tournament
  9. Find a card/board game that you could enjoy
  10. Listen to music
  11. Go see live music or a concert
  12. Go camping
  13. Give your pets attention
  14. Go to a farm or a zoo
  15. Visit friends and family
  16. Volunteer or help someone with a project
  17. Go to the beach
  18. Be prepared and explore a cave or an area out in the middle of no where
  19. If your desperate, clean up the trash along the roads
  20. Go into the closest city and explore
  21. Stock up on resources you may need later
  22. Organise and maintain your computer files
  23. Use an anti-virus on your computer
  24. Create a notepad or a file to manage all the things you need to remember and other things to look at later
  25. Communicate on social media
  26. Record footage for other people to see
  27. use apps to self improve your life
  28. Clean out your car and the exterior
  29. Check the expiry date on your food
  30. Sell your used stuff and useless things
  31. Experience the effects of a psychedelic drug in a safe and controled environment
  32. Go to a protest
  33. Experience being in a sensory deprivation tank
  34. Go to the doctors and check your self out
  35. Jump on a trampoline
  36. Day dream
  37. Sleep/ have a nap
  38. Make something to eat
  39. Practise drawing
  40. Sun bath
  41. Do some type of gardening
  42. Hang out with a homeless person
  43. Create your own game
  44. Create a bucket list
  45. Start a diary, blog or vlog
  46. Mediate
  47. Climb a tree
  48. Push a rock down a hill
  49. Educate your self on current information and entertainment
  50.  Combination and the ability to multitask these ideas together
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