100 Posts of Ungroovygords!!!


Triple digits, tens of thousands of words. Finally hit 100 posts of my WordPress blog. Hears to another hundred more y’all. So much words this year, haha.

Like i have previously said, i have two books i am trying to finish. The Novella is very close to being complete, while the novel needs a lot more work too it. Just some key paragraphs, grammar, and repeating similar words in some sentences.

The plan is to self publish it and sell it on amazon by the end of the year in a PDF like format. But i would prefer a book publisher to sell it in hard copys.  If anyone knows a book publisher that would be interested in my Novella, could you please contact me straight away. The blurb of the book is below:

Worlds, Dimensions and infinity power. Possible through a trip through your own sub conscience. The main character Joven, a 29-year-old telemarketer, Experience’s the power that fuels space and time and merges with it, turning himself into a godlike superhuman. That has the power to do anything he can imagine. With next to none limitations to his powers, he changes the world with his friends. But Arrogance, selfishness, pain, anger and violence linger in the unseen darkness.

If you check my blog out every once in a while, suggest things I could write. It would help me come up with new ideas and appeal to certain individuals. Stay tuned for more information that is heading your way.


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