Captain America: Civil War, a movie review

A movie review: By Lee Sonogan

(2016) M/2h27mins/ Action, Adventure, Sci-fi


Marvel comics in real life. For years the live-action Marvel movies have been some of the best superhero movies of all time. This movie is equally impressive. With a budget of 250 million, they were able to make 407 million at the box office. As the title suggests, the Avengers break out into a civil war over government and political reasons. A lot of fast paced action is in the movie like all the other ones. The longest Marvel film to date, at 2 hours and 27 minutes.  A satisfying superhero movie, with the best Marvel, has got to offer.

Major actors in this movie include:
  • Chris Evans
  • Robert Downey Jr
  • Scarlett Johnsson
  • Don Cheadle
  • Jeremy Renner
  • Paul Bettany
  • Paul Rudd
  • Sebastian Stan
  • Martin Freeman
  • And more

Filming started on May 7, 2015, in Atlanta, Georgia. The cast was working in 90F/32C degree weather in costume. This movie marks the beginning of Phase Three in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is the thirteenth film overall. New additions to the main Marvel movies include Ant-man, Black Panther and Spiderman

Chad L. Coleman was considered for the role of Black Panther. Robert Downey Jr. acted as the younger Tony Stark along with John Slattery and Hope Davis. Lola FX provided the “de-aging” visual effects on the face and hair of Downey Jr. with footage and photos of his early career as references. This is the second movie that reunited Jeremy Renner who played Hawkeye and Anthony Mackie who played Falcon after The Hurt Locker. Although they are both in Avengers: Age of Ultron, this is the first time they share scenes together. Chris Evans has stated that this film will set up Avengers: Infinity War and Untitled Avengers Movie.

After the ‘Civil War’ crossover event in Marvel comics was complete another big crossover event was ‘Secret Invasion,’ which revealed that the shape-shifting alien villains The Skrulls had been replacing key people in government and the super-powered community for decades and that they are at least partially to blame for leading to the events of the civil war as a means to soften human society for a full-scale invasion.

Overall, the depth in the story that has been developed from all the other Marvel movies is amazing. Then in this movie. conflict builds between the two groups. In the movie, near the end, there’s a massive battle between the two at an airport. The CGI  and the action scenes create beautiful imagery and creativity. There is some comedy in this movie. Plus the longer time in the movie gets you more invested in the stories of individual characters. I will not tell you what happens in the end, but a twist ending leads to one of the best fights in a movie I have ever seen.


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