Reality show idea 1: Hardcore big brother house


Everyone gets the big brother house concept right? If not, Big Brother is a reality game show franchise created by John de Mol and originally shown in the Netherlands. In the show, a group of people live together in a specially constructed large house that is isolated and cut off from the outside world. During their stay in the house, contestants are continuously monitored. All contestants wear their own microphones. To win the final cash prize, a contestant must survive  weekly evictions and be the last housemate or house guest remaining in the compound by the series conclusion. I can do it better šŸ˜‰

The concept of this reality show does lead to some interest, but usually leads to the contestants gossiping between them self. Why not increase their confusion and pit them against each other in various scenarios and games. Lets say that 20 enter a house and they are given time to know each other. Then the big brother type character speaks and it is a hologram of an alien being. It says it has just took over the world. Cue explosions and special effects. Maybe a hologram video of what it has done. The being says that if you want to survive, you have to proof your worth with tests in the house. Plus it says that the house has been renovated to future technology.

It looks futurist, but its bear, with a small amount of furniture. The alien being then can explain about evictions and contact with it. Then develop the story with more explosions in the middle of the night and maybe talk to human survivors. Talk about getting a supply drop from a drone. A role-playing story could lead to many different activities. Scare jumps and a developed story, that is real for the contestants, will be great television.  Do more votes other than elections. Let the fans create the story and tv magic.

The contestants should be open-minded to what the producers would have planned. Have a deep and complex contract and make sure that all contestants understand it completely. Adrianne and thrill seekers would be the suggested people they would want in this show. If they want to leave, they could yell out a safe word.

List of things the contestants could have an opportunity to do:

  • Video game completions with each other and fans of the show
  • Choice to spend time with a willing prisoner ad get reward
  • Secret compartments and rooms to the house
  • Physical and interesting completions
  • The house splits in half for a day
  • The house rises into the air a few metres for a day
  • Hundreds of kittens are let in for a week
  • A secret maze with risk and reward
  • Scare jumps, secret rewards, betrayal opportunities, fan ideas
  • Theme storys and objectives
  • Many many more …

So … that’s one idea i have for a reality show. These days reality shows are edgy. I belive my idea compares with them and could possible take reality show to the next level. If the fans have control of a lot of the shows ideas, then it could have benefits for a wider audience. Plus it would be so much more entertaining. A role-playing game is the next level of interesting reality shows.


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