18 Ways to get fit



These ideas will get you started. Each different idea will help better depending on the person. I should really get back out there and ride my bike again haha. Are you in shape? cause i am not.

1. Go to a gym

If you are really committed to making a change, join a gym and you will have all you need available to you for a price. Plus there is a lot of information on health you can find there.

2. Create your own boot camp

Get all your friends and commit to a series of excercises together that benefit everybody. Remind your self why you want to get in shape in the first place and just do it.

3. Play Pokemon go

This hit game atm has many features in it to encourage you to go outside and excercise. You need to walk a certain amount of km to hatch eggs in the game. Plus you need poke balls and the only way to get them is to go to a Pokespot located in most towns.

4. Join a sport/team

If you enjoy sport, maybe playing a game with people is your best choice. It encourages skill and health to sustain that skill.

5. Take a walking tour of a city or town

experience something new and enter a building you have not been in before. Or check out a park or something. Take some pics, take a souvenir stone from the ground. Just take a walk and see whats going on up the street.

6. Sign up for a obstacle-course race

You want glory and good health? race people and show them what you are capable of.

7. Take a hike

Climb a mountain or go into a place into the middle of no where. Get back to nature.

8. Turn chores into a workout

Get all them chores done and do them quickly.

9. Volunteer and workout at same time

Work knowing that you are contributing. Keep fit during the day or night.

10. Practise yoga at home

It encourages the mind to control the muscles, building body strength and flexibility.

11. excercise in short spurts

Think little and often. And start doing it right now.

12. Make it into a routine

To achieve what you want, you need to make sure you do it daily. Then you can take pride in achieving and being good at something dailey.

13. Put a personal trainer in your pocket

There are app that can track your progress and tell you facts about your health. Even make suggestion in what you do. Most of them are free, so check them out.

14. Increase your beat

Faster music encourages you to keep moving. Metal is perfect while exercising. Make sure you have good headphones that stay in your ears.

15. Track your steps

Get a number of all your steps and then try to beat it.

16. Eat healthy

Try to eat more during the day and eat less fatty foods. Ask yourself ‘am i really hungry?’. And if you are eat a small but filling meal. Plus eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.

17. Laught it off

It boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormones and increases muscle flexion

18. Book a massage

A lymphatic massage will help remove toxins or metabolic waste from your body. Plus it gives you release from tension from training your body.

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