Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Tellarknights


Satellarknight or tellarknight monster cards have a light attribute and are warrior types. This archtype of cards has many good combos in summoning multiple monsters and recycling its cards. It is the Yu-Gi-Oh deck i am most familiar with. I do not get the difference between the names either.


  • Fire hand x2
  • Ice Hand x2
  • Goblindbergh
  • Neo- spacian grand mole
  • Ninja grandmaster sasuke
  • Satellarknight Altair x3
  • Satellarknight Vega x3
  • Satellarknight Deneb x2
  • Satellarknight Sirius
  • Satellarknight Procyon
  • Satellarknight Sham
  • Satellarknight unukalhai
  • Lightray gearfreind


  • Rank up magic barian’s force
  • Swords of revealing light
  • Reinforcement of the army
  • The warrior returning alive
  • Mystical space typhoon
  • Supply unit
  • Card trader
  • Lightening vortex
  • One day of peace


  • Mirror force
  • Call of the haunted
  • Fiendish chain
  • Anti-spell fragrance
  • Jar of avarice
  • Dark bribe
  • Safe zone
  • Scrap iron scarecrow
  • Breakthrough skill
  • Solemn warning
  • XYZ veil

Extra deck:

  • Number 50: Blackship of corn
  • Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk
  • Number 104: Masquerade
  • Number 86: Herioc Champion
  • Daigusto emral
  • Dark rebellion xyz dragon
  • Number 101: Slient HONOR ark
  • Number C101: Slient HONOR Dark
  • Number 39: utopia x2
  • Number S39: Utopia prime
  • NumberC39: Utopia ray victory
  • Stellarknight deteros x2
  • Stellarknight Triverr


Stellarknight vega plus Stellarknight Altair then summon either Stellarknight deneb, sirius, procyon, sham or unukalhai to summon three monsters to the field at once and do an extra effect.

If you have many stellarknights in the graveyard, Just use a call of haunted to summon vega or altair at the end of your opponents turn. Depending on what cards you have in your hand, you will be able to summon up to three monsters. Then on the next turn summon even more monsters.

Fire hand is ice hand are used for defensive monsters and to get through the deck. Combo their desttuction and draw a card with supply squad. And destroy something at the same time. Then use card trader to help get new cards and swap out the hands in your hand back into the deck.

Lightray Gearfreind is perfect for this deck. 5 Stellarknights in the graveyard and you can special summon it from your hand. Then you can banish one of the warriors from your graveyard to stop a spell or trap a turn.

The extra deck consists of xyz monsters. The Stellerknight xyz monsters are easily summoned when you summon three level fours at the same time. Then they have effects when they die, you can summon monsters. You can link this effect with the summoning combo of the Stellarknights.

Use xyz veil and number 88 rhapsody in berserk to power up your powerful Stellarknight xzy monsters. Using Stellarknight triverr’s effect when summoned, combo this by returning cards on the field back to the hand such as swords of revealing light, call of the haunted, safezone and fiendish chain.

Allowing some of your Stellarknights go to the graveyard works in your favour in this deck. Use lightening vortex, Stellarknight proctyon, unukalhai to discard Stellarknights to the graveyard.



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