Halloween: Why do we do it ?


Halloween on the 31st of October, will be celebrated by Australia, just like America. But some people still will not jump on the bandwagon. The tradition is fun for kids getting free candy, but the day usually leads to profits for company’s world-wide.

The origin of Halloween came from the Celts of ancient Britain and Ireland, when a pagan celebration merged with the Christian All Saints’ Day. Which was a celebration of the end of a harvest, whereby the idea of carving turnips was a practice to celebrate the end of the season, but also to ward off the spirits that came with that.

While most Australian’s love Halloween, some hate the holiday. It is illogical to complain that Halloween is a foreign celebration when so much of Australian culture is from British heritage. And we also celebrate Easter and Christmas.

austenite20 on Twitter: “I understand I may lose followers. We Don’t DO Halloween. I HAVE experienced it first hand when I lived in US. Still not doing it!”.

Shane Archer, Resident – “People should just get over it, if they don’t like it, they do not need to participate. Why do they need to ruin everyone else’s fun?”.

During the last 15 years, Halloween has been influenced by mainstream media, which has made it acceptable for Australians. As Commercials and shops sell Halloween themed products all through October. Woolworths the Australian supermarket chain is reporting Halloween-themed produce is increasing in sales from year to year. With the most popular items being, decorations, costumes and trick or treat bags.

Clay Wilson-Calder, Austal Hotel – employee “The pub was decked out with heaps of decorations all over the bar. And There was a DJ playing upstairs with themed drinks and food served over the bar. These themed events such as Halloween tend to draw larger crowds and people seem to enjoy themselves on occasions like these”

Halloween pranks:


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