15 Most epic scenes in Rick and Morty and more

This show is mind-blowing. So funny and goes into many different themes and topics. I personally belive that this show is better than Family guy and South park. Every episode is a classic perfection. If I was doing a tv show review for it, I would rate it 9.4/10. I only rate tv show’s that are close to this and this show is as good as all of them. SPOILERS!!! Do not read any more. Exit this blog and watch all of them right now !!!. The first season available on Netflix.


1. The one with the tapeworms

These tape worms slowly introduce themselves out through the ep and the house becomes full of them. In their ridiculous forms including a photographer raptor, they keep bring up memories of them that did not really happen. Rick figures this out and this ensues a slaughter of all of them in the locked down house.

2. Mr meeseeks

The longer they are forced to exist, the more agitated they get. When they can not help Jerry to finish his task, they lose control and attempt to kill people. All they really wanted is to die.

3. An episode that shows many alternative timelines

Time splits apart and hundred of different world pop up. Different scenes switch from each other as Rick, Morty and Summer try to escape quantum collapse.

4. Rick Potion No.9

A scene where Rick gives Morty a love potion. But eventually the world is infected by it and they turn into Mantises. Rick takes Morty to a new dimension where they had died and then they bury their bodies and take there place.

5. Ricks device put of the family’s dog, turns intelligent and takes over the world.

It becomes sentient and calls it self Snowball. Then it complains to it owner about taking its ball. It enslaves the world. Then they decide to leave to their own planet elsewhere.

6. Get Schwifty

Giant heads from space demand the world to show it what they got. Then Rick and Morty perform the song Get schwifty. Then their plant is moved into a new dimension for a song contest.

7. Entering a universe that is a power source to Ricks Ship.

After a movie they learn that Ricks ship is not working. Entering into its battery, they enter in a universe and are welcomed by the beings of the planet. The being there has stopped using a devive to create power and use a another planet to get their power off. The scientist being who made this universe is yelled at by Rick and then they are all sucked into it.

8. Ricks AI on his shp

In the same episode, Summer waits in Ricks ship that has AI. The first guy that approachs her from outside the ship and sliced up by lasers. This causes the army to it. Summer tells it not to do anything harmful and then it uses psychological mode. Creating a dead kid of one of the solders and then disappears.

9. Rick and the unity entity

Rick and Morty enter a planet where everybody there is one person. Rick has a history with unity and they improve their relationship.

10. A amusement park inside a homeless man

Anatomy park inside a homeless mans body.At the end of the episode, Rick uses a ray to make the dead homeless expend untill it exploded.

11. The council of Ricks

Ricks from different dimensions come together and speak of different issues. Most of them use their Morty as slaves. They do not like the Main Rick of the show.

12. Mortys Purge

Rick and Morty make a landing at a planet that celebrates an annual tradition of a purge. Then they are tricked by a young girl and lose their ship. Morty slaughters many of the beings of this planet.

13. Beth and Jerrys marriage retreat

At a retreat Beth and Jerry work on their marriage. In part of their process they both put on a helmet that creates a mytholog from what perspective they have of each other to be. These mytholog creatures break out and cause more chaos.

14. Evil Morty

The ending of Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind has an amazing twist introducing an Evil Morty from a different dimension. He wears an eyepatch and escapes with all the other Mortys. This lead to excitement because of the potential of what this Morty could do in future episodes.

14. King jellybean

In a bar under steps, Morty goes to the bathroom. A friendly jellybean starts to talk to him. Then it got aggressive and seemed like it was trying to rape Morty. Morty fights it off and puts its head in the toilet. Then slams its head with the ring multiple times. Later it was revealed that the jellybean was the king of a town they were trying to safe. Being carried it had a messed up face.

15. Simpsons couch gag

Simpsons references, Futurama references and Rick and Morty references. What more can you want? Rick freezing Ned with his freeze ray was one of the funny moments in it.



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