Best evidence of alien life

Best evidence of alien life


Most information about Aliens on the internet now has story’s and acclaimed facts that they are very real. But some information is dull and laughable. If people can belive in gods and entitys, why can’t there be intelligent life of some kind out in the universe. I do not care if they do not exist, but if we do, maybe the human race will look at each other as one. If there is an advanced intelligent race out there, it would make the first impact on our race to make a change to benefit all. But then there could be an alien race that could have evil thoughts and actions like us. The following information you are about to read will challenge your beliefs and be make you open-minded by the non bias facts and opinions of the universe and people.

“The only thing that scares me more than space aliens is the idea that there aren’t any space aliens. We can’t be the best that creation has to offer. I pray we’re not all there is. If so, we’re in big trouble.”
― Ellen DeGeneres

All over the world, and throughout the ages, drawings, paintings, carvings, quilts and markings have depicted alien beings and UFO’s. They each tell a story in which they all say the same thing. We are not alone. At the height of the industrial revolution, there were many reports of mystery airships popping up everywhere. It began in the United States and then spread eastwast. The first major case was in New Mexico 26th 1880. It happened in a small town called Galisteo Junction, now known as Lamy. People heard voices and the people saw a monstrous circular ship. It is said the beings on this ship were human. but here clothes and behaviour was bizarre. Artefacts were said to have fallen of the ship. Then next day a collector offered a lot of money for them and the depot agent in charge of the items could not resist. The collector and the items were never seen again.

A report of Garpers Weekly sums up the reports of the 1800′ phantom airships nicely. It reads: “The airship as a practical invention is believed to be so nearly ripe that a story of its appearance in the sky is not necessarily to be received with disrespect, not unless you assumed that thousands of Americans had lost their senses, a discomforting notion which some scientists, editors and skeptics seem to embrace.”.

During WW2 more aircrafts were seen by both sides. These discs of light seemed to be under intelligent control according to the people who saw it. They followed pilots manoeuvres before making an impossible manoeuvre of their own and then disappearing. Efforts to stop them failed and the pilots were scared because there was nothing they could do about it. But in the pacific, the people who saw the sightings said they were flaming discs that just hang in the air. During the time, both sides took these sightings very seriously.

On June 24, 1947 Kenneth Arnold saw nine unidentified, shinning, metallic, flying objects. They flew past him at supersonic speed past his plane. He clocked them going at 1,200 miles and hour (1,932 km/hr). After some confusing, he figures that there is a another craft falling him. Then a flash of light happens and the nine go past him again in a long chain.It had no tail and emitted no contrails. He said they moved like saucers skipping on water. This eye-witness statement lead to the term “Flying saucer”.

Then in the mid seventy, there was many convincing storys of an abduction wave. Now lets jump all the way to October 19th, 1998 in the communist China. For military radar stations in Hebei province, Chine reported a presence of an unidentified blip hovering above a military school in Changzhou. It was determined that the intruder was not military of civilian flight. 6 jet fighters were sent to intercept the UFO to determine exactly what it was. At least 140 people on the ground saw the object. The pilot and radar officer present at the time has stated “the object clearly resembled depictions they had seen in foreign science fiction film”. The pilots said the object was toying with them. It repeatedly outdistanced them before reappearing above their jets. Then it disappeared before 2 more jets arrived.

Many more stories and evidence has been found on alien beings. The former minister of Canada believes from the reports he got while in the Canadian government. The speculation of it is confusing the more you research and learn about it. From what we now know about the universe, the facts indicate anything is possible.

We already know that organisms live in space. There are “biological enitys” in space made of carbon and oxygen. The building blocks of life. It is said that it must have originated from elsewhere in the universe. The dragon particle is proof of life on other planets. Saturn’s moon Enceladus, has a global ocean beneath it. Scientists believe this planet is an ideal place where life could live. Saturn’s other moon Titan is the only planet we know of so far to have lakes on its surface. Even tho they are made up of liquid methane. But a group at Cornell showed how methane-based, oxygen-free living cells could exist on Titan.

Ocean worlds/planets
  • Earth
  • Ceres
  • Europa
  • Ganymede
  • Callisto
  • Enceladus
  • Titan
  • Triton
  • Pluto

A new scientific report suggests that other galaxies in the universe could host 10,000x more habitable planets than the Milky Way. Most life dies young, so the plants and galaxy’s around the Milky Way may have had intelligent beings, but something happened and we did not have the technology to see it. From what we know of mars, years ago they had large oceans> Many scientists believe that there may be fossils or something beneath the red planet’s soil.


“I think we’re going to have strong indications of life beyond Earth within a decade, and I think we’re going to have definitive evidence within 20 to 30 years,” NASA chief scientist Ellen Stofan said Tuesday (April 7) during a panel discussion that focused on the space agency’s efforts to search for habitable worlds and alien life.

In conclusion, I have no idea. With our universe constantly expanding, comets and asteroids are the key to the formation of life. Habitable planets for different sort of life are most likely being formed right now. Millions of them. Maybe some existed in the past or hallucinations were common in the past till today. More and more seem fake because many people are trying to make a buck out of it. I agree with a new study that says that we will find intelligent life in twenty years. You gotta stay hopeful the we will be still around for that long. Maybe one day we will know the information and facts about it and whatever happens with it, we are all informed and satisfied with it.


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