List of wrestling moves that would kill people in real life


Wrestling is not real and that is obvious. But a lot of these moves are very risky. They are the most leading moves that have caused serious injury in the professional wrestling business. Some wrestling promotions have some moves banned because of the risk. It takes years to become a wrestler and you need to be skilled with an other wrestler enough to pull of such risky moves.

Pile driver

The move where you drop somebody on their head. It is said to be been innovated by Wild Bill Longson. The piledriver is banned in the WWE with the exception of Kane and the undertaker. Having many years of experience doing this move. And due to their size.

Types of piledrivers:

Flip piledriver, standing piledriver, jumping piledriver, tombstone piledriver, package piledriver, vertebreaker, scoop side piledriver, belly to back piledriver, double underhook piledriver, and more.


Widely credited as an invention of Jake the ‘snake’ Roberts.But a mexican wrestler called Black Gordman was using it back in the 1970’s. The abbreviation itself originally came from the chemical dichloride diphemyl-trichloroethane. Now used a lot in Lucha libre style wrestling.

Types of DDT’s:

Double underhook DDT, Springboard DDT, Spining tornado DDT, Standing DDT, diving DDT,  jumping DDT,  Snap DDT,  running DDT,  cradle DDT, faceplant DDT, and more.


This move is a version of the DDT. In Japanese puroesu, the term “brainbuster” refers to a regular vertical suplex, while the move elsewhere. Dick Murdoch is credited with the move’s innovation, although it was taught to him by Killer Karl Kox.

Types of Brainbusters:

On the top turnbuckle, Dekayed brainbuster, scoop brainbuster, twisting brainbuster, northern lights brain buster, jumping brainbuster, fisherman brainbuster, cradle brainbuster, double underhook brainbuster and more.

Top rope moves

High risk moves off the top rope are dangerous. Many promotions have banned many moves from been done. Smaller wrestlers usually attempt these type of moves and a lot of them have been botched, meaning they fucked up. Top rope moves can include dives between the middle ropes and springboard moves of the turnbuckle or ropes.

Types of moves off the top rope:

Shooting star press, 450 splash, 630 splash, corkscrew splash, flying elbow, flying senton, Swanton bomb, frog splash, flying stomp and more.

Hardcore spots

Head shots are now banned in the WWE because of the issue of concussions.  Plus spots like the ones falling of a Hell in a cell cage is very dangerous. In wrestling some spots need to go perfect or it could seriously harm both wrestlers. Depending on what type of spot the wrestlers are doing, its usually fake. But if it was real life, most hardcore spots would be deadly.

Types of hardcore spots:

Chair shots, spots from up in the air, barbed wire bat, sledge-hammer, ladder, the corner of the ring, onto the ground, on a barrier, and more.

Double team maneuvers

Double team moves can be double brutal and add more risk. They even become tag team’s finishing moves.  It could be a move in tandem or a combination of moves. Some double team moves are more risky for injury than others.

Types of Double team maneuvers:

Aided brainbuster, Aided neckbreaker, doomsday device, flapjack DDT, con-chair-to, double cutter, double inverted DDT, double lifting DDT, flapjack, double knee facebreaker, dropkick overdrive and more.


A suplex can be an offensive move in both professional and amateur wrestling. There are many variations to it where you slam your opponent into the ground. From their back to their head and neck.

Types of suplex:

German suplex, high – angle back sulplex, tiger sulplex, electric chair sulplex, turn buckle sulplex, three – quarter nelson sulplex, Saito sulplex and more.


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