Keanu, a movie review by Lee Sonogan

Keanu, a movie review: By Lee Sonogan

1h40mins/ Action, Comedy, 15 July 2015


The stars of the skit show  Key and Peele star in this movie. Keegan – Michael Key and Jordan Peele play two friends plan to retrieve a stolen cat by posing as drug dealers for a street gang. There characters are funny and change the gangsters personalities. This movie had a budget of $15,000,000 and managed to make over $20 million in gross.

According to Jordan Peele, Seven cats and kittens were used as the tittle character. The scenes with Keanu is brilliantly shoot and look amazing. Keanu Reeves voices the cat and was inspiration for the name and tittle.

This movie is a spoof of Keanu Reeves movie called John Wick. Better and funnier, but still below average. Even more over the top than John Wick.

Overall, this movie was a bit disappointing. Key and Peeles usual satire on race and sex turned to cliché in this movie. Some lines out of no where may make you laugh, but other than that, the movie is fairly dull. The scene with Anna Faris is probably my favorite scene. After the end of the closing credits, watch for the Allentown Bros. If a fan of Key and Peele and find the premise of this movie interesting, give it a shot if can not find anything else.



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