Batman: The killing joke, a movie review

A movie review by Lee Sonogan

R/1h16min/Aniamtion, Action, Crime


The first Batman movie to carry an R rating. Director Sam Liu creator of many other DC animated series and movies. Has made his darkest DC film yet. The movie is based on the batman graphic novel the killing joke, which was originally published by DC comics in 1988 by Alan Moore. Created with a budget of $3,500,00, it was able to ger Mark Hamill to voice the joker and the voice of Batman Kevin Conroy.

Batman and Batgirl’s relation is changed from the graphic novel as the tension leads to the Jokers master plan. Some scenes include more blood and gore. Plus the animation looks impressive in the fight scenes and background. Plus the music sets the scene well.

This movie has the origin of the joker. SPOILERS is a former comedian forced to rob banks to save his new family. Forced to wear the infamous Red Hood, he falls into a large acid pit, because of Batman. This resulted in the Jokers skin morphing and making him go mad. This portrayal of the Joker shows the roots of his evil ways.

The Jokers speeches about madness and deep down it only takes one day are really powerful. His intention to prove that deep down everyone is mad goes down to many different themes and topics. This gives the half-hour at the end a very satisfying end. This movie has a very unpredictable ending to it as well. Recommend this movie to anyone who likes stories from DC and Alan Moore.



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