The transparent man

A short story: By Lee Sonogan

The invisible man

YAWN!!. “Thank god that I do not have work today,” thought a man as he awakes in his bed. He looks at the clock and sees that it is mid day. “That’s enough sleep for now,” thought the man. The man gets up and puts on his casual clothes. YAWN!!!. He goes to his pet rat and refills its food and water. “There you go Chewey,” said the man. The rat goes straight for the food. The man checks the time on his smart phone. As he does that he receives a text from a women called Mary. “Come get something to eat with me?. Meet me at our favorite restaurant 😉 ,” texted Mary. The man blushes but texts her back instantly. “Ok i’ll be there within the hour,” texted the man. The man stares at his phone deeply. His reflection stairs back at him. BEEP BEEP!. The man reads the message. “Don’t be late,” texted Mary. The man leaves his apartment to reveal a sunny day outside. The man stretched in one spot, while looking about. “I just remembered that I forgot my wallet at work,” remembered the man as a couple walks past him. The man finishes with his stretch and starts power walking to his place of work. The man has walked to his place of work many times. It takes him twenty minutes to finally make it there. As he reaches the door, it flings open and a man rushes out from it. “Watch where your going,” yelled the man. He walks along the corridors and feels like a ghost in a building full of people. He makes it to his desk and sits down in exhaustion. “Did you see what Ned did yesterday,” said a voice in the distance. Ned eavesdrop on the conversation. “What did he do,” Asked an other voice. “He shit him self and pretended he was fine all day. You could smell it real bad,” said a voice. “Thats nasty,” said the other voice. “Why are they making that up about me, plus they must have just seen me just walk in,” thought Ned.

Ned grabs his wallet and stands up. He walks confidently towards the people talking about him. The two continue to chat amongst themselfs. “So what are you doing on the weekend,” said a woman to a man in the office. “HELLO!” yelled Ned. “Just going clubbing in the city,” said the man in the office. Ned is confused. “Thats cool, which club?,” asked the women in the office. Ned waves his arms in their face. They do not notice. “’The monkey club’,” said the man in the office. Ned falls backwards in shock. “No it can’t be, am I dead?” thought Ned as he begins to freak out. Ned gets to his feet and uses both elbows to smash a desk in the office. The man and women in the office jump to their feet, in a fright. “What the hell was that,” yelled the man. Ned’s vision began to be blurred. His stomach turned. His body can not stop trembling. Ned feels around the area. He can not feel anything. “JUST FUCKING DIE,” thought Ned. An intense feeling flows through Ned’s mind. Ned loses conscienceless.

Ned wakes up in a daze. He vomits on the ground. He looks up, above the vomit, to see that he is outside on the street, laying on the street gutters. Ned is tense while he struggles to get to his feet. Ned looks at he phone and notice its five minutes till he has to meet with Mary. Ned realises where he is and knows that the restaurant is just around the corner. “Mary,” thought Ned as he awkwardly runs to the restaurant. He gets there and looks through the window. He sees her. Ned softly stokes one of his hands down the window. It begins to rain. Ned charges into the restaurant and walks straight to Mary. Ned sits on the seat next to her, while she continues to eat. “Mary,” said Ned as he breathes heavily. Sound of people eating in the restaurant lingers. “I made it,” said Ned. “What is this, this was it,” said Ned. Ned smashes the table. Mary looks him directly in his eyes. “You can see me?” Asked Ned looking surprised. Mary looks at him with disgusted. “Don’t even joke about that,” said Mary. “What do you mean?” asked Ned as he bangs on the table. The room goes silent. Everybody in the room looks at ned. Ned is scare in where that came from. Ned looks back at Mary to see her face is all bruised up. “What just happened,” yelled Ned. “Please stop,” cried Mary. “You fucking bitch,” yelled Ned. “This is your fault,” screamed Ned. All Ned’s thoughts fade. “Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh, Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” yelled a man out through the building. Ned’s mind spins out of control.

Ned awaken from his dream. He is strapped to a table, head to toe. “Where the fuck am I,” screamed Ned continuously. An older women weeps behind the door of Ned’s room. A nurse approaches her. “Since the incident, we have not been able to help him. until now, we believe our new form of electrotherapy can help him to return to a better state of sanity,” said the nurse. “I am willing to try anything nurse, sniff.,” cried the older women. “There, there,” comforted the nurse. The nurse opens the door. “Do you wanna see him?” Asked the nurse. “Yeah I do,” said the older women. Ned becomes quiet when he sees her walk in. “I will be back in five,” said the nurse. The older women looks Ned in the eyes and holds hes hand with a sad look. A few seconds go by. “Kill me,” said Ned softly. The older women cries softly and pulls out a pair of scissors from her handbag. Ned smiles. The older women hesitates. She opens the pair of scissors and puts it on his neck. “I accept my judgement,” said Ned softly. “What are you doing,” yelled a guard as he grabs the scissors. “Noaoao!!” weeped Ned. “Your coming with me,” said the guard as he drags the older women away. Silenced embraces the room as Ned’s thoughts of his actions sends him mad. “Wahahaha,” laughed Ned as his body compulsives blood from Ned’s neck. He has a heart attack and dies right there and then.

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