Pokemon Go, a video game review by Lee Sonogan

Pokemon go, a video game review: By Lee Sonogan


The new hit Pokemon game available for free on Android and iOS-. It is an augmented reality, through your mobile phones camera. Released in Australia July 6, 2016, It has become very popular in pop culture around the world. This game is responsible for people around the world getting out of the house. In its early days, it really shows the potential of what it could be in the future.

The game is based around catching, trading and battling Pokemon in real life. Different areas and places have Pokemon you can catch with your Poke balls. With a flick on the screen you could get your self Pokemon of your own. With the new system, you have to transfer your duplicates to gather items in the game. These items can power up or evolve your Pokemon. You can also obtain items that help in the game from Poke hotspots. These could be located at a post office or at a structure in a park.

There are three teams in this game called Team Instinct, Team mystic, Team valor. I am in Team valor. Moltres team. It is rumour that a 4th team will be added called Team Harmony. With a Lugia as their symbol.

Developed by Niantic, Inc, it is very different to the hand-held games. And games like Pokemon coliseum and ect. Moving away from the turn based system, it is now automotive in the battles. Currently it is only one on one battles at gyms. With popularity of the game they intend to add many more features in the next couple of updates. Trading and one on one battles are coming soon.

Get achievements, called medals. Can be gained, through the game mainly by catching a certain amount of Pokemon. I am sure that they will later add in a medal if you catch-all 151 Pokemon.

In conclusion, this game is a fun app on your phone. If your out at a party or walking the streets, you will find a Pokemon. And when you do, you will feel like you must have it. The game is addicting and appeals to a lot of old school Pokemon fans. Battling at the moment is sorta weak. But I have hope that it will be much better in the near future. This game has grown on me. So join the fad or new lasting thing, and keep an eye out for drivers slowly driving about.



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