Guitar hero 5, A video game review by Lee Sonogan

A video game review: By Lee Sonogan

Music/ video game released 20 October 2015


This reboot of the Guitar hero series is not bad. It actually has two new features different to all the others. These features include playing music videos and as in the above image, a live action crowd. Plus the guitar has changed where it has six buttons and three frets in contrast to the former 5 button guitars in the past. These game is awesome to play at party’s or a small gathering with your friends.

This game has a variety of different music. GHlive mode has a variety of pop/main culture music with names such as Eminem, Linkin park, Skrillex and many more. If you go to GHtv, you can play from a much larger list of songs. All types of music is available and you can play them as the music video. In GHtv, you need to gather points to play songs of your choice. But there are free channels you can play to gather all the points you need.

While playing online, you play against ten people at the same time. Live in the game, try to beat them and become number for more points. Such bands on GHtv are: System of a down, Avenged sevenfold, Disturbed, Queen, Marilyn Manson, Deftones, Korn, Def leppard, Dragonforce, Papa roach, Passion pit, Kiss, Bon Jovi, Rage against the machine, Bullet for my valentine and so much more.

The gameplay is harder then you think. If you played the former games it will take you a while to get a handle on it. But once you do, you will appreciate it more.  This game also has a microphone attachment so you can sing and play songs at the same time. This game was published by Activision and was Developed by FreeStyleGames.

Overall, this game is very fun to play the songs you like. I could never play a 5 button song on the other games. But in this game i can do it all sorta decent. Its been out since last year now, so i belive it would be so much cheaper now on all the consoles and even IOS. This rhythm game is fun and challenging enough to make you want to play more.



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