4 Deaths in video games


Video games have some insane storys. Where you are invested in the characters, good and bad. That makes their deaths even more impactful to the story. Here are 4 interesting deaths in video game history.

Batman Arkham city: The joker

The sequel of Arkham asylum, bigger and better than ever. Exploring the open world, you will find and probably fight most of the batman bad guys. With interesting cut scenes, you become engulfed in the story. During the end of the game the joker is revealed to be sick and Batman can cure him. SPOILER ALERT! But Batman lets him die.

Pokemon Blue, Yellow and Red: Gary’s Raticate

Made in the late nintys, this game blow peoples mind all around the world. A game where you must catch them all and become a Pokemon master, there is some interesting story to the dialog. Being a kids game, there is a lot of themes of death in it. Some conspiracies have come up on the internet where you kill on of your opponents Pokemon called Raticate. When you Pokemon dies, it says it is fainted. But when you face your rival again he mentions in the dialog that is you have had a Pokemon die. And when you battle him, he no longer has his Raticate.

The last of us: Death of Joels daughter

From the developers of the uncharted games, this solo game was one hell of a game. Linear like Uncharted but so detailed and interesting looking. This game was definitely like playing a movie as the first scene is very intense. The begining of the infecteds attack. Sadly, Joels daughter, Sarah dies at the end of the first scene. This builds Joels character and logic as he helps an immune girl across the country, to try to find a cure. I recommend this game to anyone and put it on at least hard difficulty. To enjoy this game, you need to make it challenging for you.

The walking dead (2012): Lee Everett

This is the ending of the first walking dead game by the developers Telltale. receiving the 2nd game for free on Playstation plus, i was impressive by the detailed story. You make choices and some at the split second to do something. Each thing you do reveals a different story. You play as Clem as a child in the first one and in the 2nd one she is a teenager. Many of your choices lead to death and i presume since Lee was a main character in the first game, he was going to die no matter what. You can start this game in the second one and sorta understand the story in the first because Clem mentions Lee a lot. I enjoyed playing this game more than most of the tv show.





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