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I have a Novella and a novel that i intend to finish by the end of the year. So i feel i am qualified to write an article about writing a story. Being trained in freelance journalism, i have also learnt and read about fiction. And i appreciate well written story in all kinds of media. I have experience in writing adventure, fantasy, thriller, sci-fi, Non-fiction and more.

Why write? by writing you can great storys and describe human behaviour. Also, depending on your effort, during resource of what you want to write about, you learn so much. You absorb the information in a way where you will definitely remember it. Plus it is good for you!!!.

An idea for a story can come from anywhere. You can make an adaption of existing ideas or come up with something completely original. I suggest coming up with an idea first and then start developing ideas from it. Below is a list of ideas to get you started:

  • Genres: ( Adventure, Thriller, Romance, Thriller, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Comedy, Sports, Horror, Kids, Teen, Based on true events and more.)
  • Topics: ( End of the world, Future, Modern society, dystopia, utopia, history, forced, Evil vs good, funny scenarios,  and more.)
  • Characters: ( Dark, Funny, Loving, Mental illness, ilness, greedy, arrogant, troubled, happy, mad, glad, humbled, aggressive, fearful and more.)

Commit to a main character and start to gather ideas for your first chapter. This chapter is important in getting people interested in the whole book. Depending on what style you decide to write, set the first scene in either a dialog way or a descriptive way. Stephan King is known for writing very detailed descriptive scenes. Make something important go down in the first chapter that develops the main character. Feel confident that you have enough to set the tone for the entire book.

You should write in a linear way, one chapter at a time. But while you do that you can write ideas and lines ahead depending on your skill and the story. If you do write ahead, accept that you will most likely have to change it later as you change the story. With each chapter written, develop ideas from the chapters before constantly. Go deep into your characters mind and personality and really show who and what they are. Even write a narrative dialog to reveal what they think about others or something random from their past related to the story somehow.

Create a dialog paragraph as a letter, text or some sort of communication other than speaking. Adds to the story by changing it up and you can use italics to change-up the look of the text. These paragraphs could be used to show important information relating to the story or to develop an individual character or idea that you feel needs more attention. Also you should keep in mind is to keep writing similar sentences in different ways. Trying to learn new words improve your vocabulary and as a writer.

After many hours of writing, you get a rhythm to it. Each sentence will match up to the one before it and the one after it. And it will flow with a strong developed story. Near the last chapter of your book, try to hype up the ending coming up as much as you can. With the ending near, you need to hype it up enough so the finish is satisfying to the reader. An ending could be a death and a solution to a problem. It depends on the type of story you are trying to write and the types of idea/values you want to show. Do not make the ending to clusted if you intend to make a sequel for your story.


Once your draft is complete, give it to over people to look at it. Make the final changes from the feedback and then do the final grammar check. There is also some websites out there that will proofread and spellcheck your book for a small fee such as Then you have a few different options to get published. You could pitch your idea to a book publisher. Either by person or email, send them the first few chapters of your book and any graphic design you have for it. But do not get your hopes up. Then there is self publishing websites where you can sell you book as an ebook online. But it does goes for a low price.

In self publishing, use free press releases and other online services to promote your book. Once your book is online to be sold, you can spam your link to it on many places. Use social media as much as you can to sell your book and other free book sites. I intend to try to use my blog to sell my books when they are finished.

Overall, work at your own pace and develop your own book untill you are happy with it. Read novels or Graphic novels to feel inspired to write. Google writing resources to find many different ideas and information about writing fiction. The average writer writes up to 500 – 1000 words a night so if you can handle that, try to write and sell your own book.


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