Hardcore Herny, a movie review

Hardcore Herny (2016) R/1h36min/ Action, Adventure, Sci fi

A movie review by Lee Sonogan


This first-person action movie is much like a video game. At the start of the movie, the main character wakes up and can no longer speak. Then it reveals that Henry has been in some kind of accident. And that he has been bought back to life as a cyborg. Akan the main bad guy intends to make an army of the dead with Henry’s wife’s research. But Herny and his wife escape. As they get split up, Henry is caught in multiple different action scenes where he slowly gets mad.

There is some humour in this movie. Each scene has an interesting stunt all executed from a first-person view. Lots of blood and special effects too. But the overall look makes it look like anyone could make a film like this. For example such as the non-original soundtrack. This movie could have been better if it had a bigger budget.

The bad guy does techniques on people and he does most of the most brutal deaths in the movie. Plus in this movie, there is one of the worst musical performances I have ever seen of the song “Under my skin”. SPOILERS his wife is kidnapped and he goes and rescues her at the end of the movie. The ending has a twist.

In conclusion, this movie was only somewhat interesting. It’s all right if you like the idea of one man killing everybody like a video game for the whole movie. Rated 6.9/10 on IMDB it is still worth a decent score in most reviews and opinions. It is an independent movie so do not get your hopes up for it. Even tho there are some brutal scenes worth remembering.




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