10 Graphic novels you should read

I have read all these Graphic novels and each have interesting and one of a kind storys. Plus all have interesting artwork for each scene in all these storys.

1. Watchmen


One of Alan Moore’s greatest creations. This book portrays superheroes from the sixties and then a new generation in the eighties. Most of the characters are unique and have no super powers. But the storys in this book is good enough where it is not needed.

2. Blackest night


One of the best storys surrounding the green lantern universe. The book begins with a long dialog which explains all the deaths in the Justice league and introduces the black lanturn. Where it begins to bring superheros back from the dead and starts killing more of the Justice legue. Near the end of the book, rings from all the lanterns are given to their champions. And the champions are Lex Luger for the orange, Ganthet for the green, Scarecrow for the yellow and more. This story was so popular it had many spin offs and a sequel series call Brightest day.

3. Preacher, book one


The best graphic novel i have read that has not been about super heroes. So popular now it has become a hot tv show. There are many differents between the two but both are very good in their own ways. Jesse Custer the preacher, Tulip and Cassidy the vampire join together to find God and make him answer for all his crimes. The preacher also gains an ability to mind control people with the power of genesis. A love child from a angel and demon that was locked up and then escaped. It has a dark story as many characters try to take genesis away from Jesse. It also has a lot of dark comedy with a character such a arse face.

4. Final crisis


This is a brutal book about the Justice league. The world has known about the Justice legue for years and many protect the world from different watchtowers. The classic one is Washington dc, one in a castle and even the one main one floating in space.  I do not want to give too much away, but a mysterious enemy starts to take over the world by taking control of all superheros. Where the watchtowers are all getting attacked at the same time. Superman has a solo mission into a world of death and decay that affects the world under attack. surprizing ending to end this well made book with amazing artwork.

5. Captain underpants


probably the first graphic novel i have ever read. Published in september the 1st 1997 it was a hit with children around the world. It is about two fourth graders who are troublemakers and they make a comic call “the adventures of captain underpants”. Mr Krupp their principle finally gets proof of them pranking the football team and blackmails them to do chores for hours after school. Having enough of the chores they decide to use a “3D Hypno- ring” to hypnosis him. They make him bark like a chicken and that, but then get the idea to make him act like captain underpants. immediatly he jumps out the window to try to fight crime. A series of insanity ensues. Good for a laugh and very quick to read if you see a copy lying around.

6. The world of Flashpoint featuring Batman


Flashpoint changed the expanding DC universe a lot. This book tells a story of Thomas Wayne as Batman. With the change of Flashpoint, Bruce Wayne dies in the street and his parents end up becoming the Batman and the Joker. The female Joker in the story is more brutal as she forgets who Thomas Wayne is. With the side Flashpoint books they have a few other storys such as Deadman and the flying greysons, Deathstroke and the curse of the ravager and the Secret seven.

7. The walking dead, book 1


The origin of the hit tv show on AMC. The first season is similar to the first book. Rick Grimes is wounded on duty as a sheriff’s deputy in Kentucky emerges from a coma in a hospital. Then to eventually realise that the world has turned over to the undead. He makes his way to Atlanta to find his family to find it is over run. Rescued by Glen, he is taken to a small camp of survivors. He is reunited with his family and one of his friends called Shane.  But Shane is obsessed with Ricks wife, So when they are attacked by Zombies, Shane trys to kill Rick. In the end Carl, Ricks son shoots him.

8. Batman: The dark knight returns


Frank Millar writer of  makes one of the most interesting batman storys of all time. Retired for a long time, Batman comes out of it to stop two face who had his face re constructed and then to defend the city from mutants that are destroying the city. In the process he saves a 13-year-old girl in which would become the new robin. The story expands as the Joker escapes from Arkham asylum and superman is shown by working for the government. Leading to two brutal fight scenes like no other.

9. The world of Flashpont featuring wonder women


This book shows many storys such as Emperor Aquaman, Lois lane and the resistance and Wonder women and the furies.  This book tells the story of Wonder women and Aquaman and what they were together before starting war with each other. Including their marriage and their family that meddled with their relationship. Plus there is a story of the initial attack at England. There is an animated movie out there that follows the flash you should watch.

10. Batman: The dark knight strikes back


The sequel of Frank Millars, The dark knight returns. It expands from the first one by adding many Justice league character who has been missing for a long time. Now underground since the other novel, he trains “bat-boys” to save the world from the police state. Lex Luthor and brainiac dominate the world by making the flash run on a treadmill which supplied 1/3 of the planets electricity and blackmailing/imprisoning people. I personally wish that they decide to make an animated movie from this Graphic novel.


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