Wrestling with reality

A short story: By Lee Sonogan

Wrestling with reality

“This is wrestling… this is wrestling,” chanted the crowd. “I can’t belive we have to follow this” said a women wearing a professional wrestling belt around her waist. “I know this is your last match but you should give it your all,” said an other woman beside her.“Alice Katana, I always will give it my all. Thanks for sticking up for me and letting me win tonight in my home crowd of Columbus, Ohio,” said the woman with the belt. “No problem Nami Auto” said Alice while looking at the floor. “See you out there,” said Nami. Nami with a smile walks away. Alice receives a text. She reads it and says “Are you still going through with it?. You have a hard decision to make and I support you in what ever you do – Jenny”. Alice sighs and texts back “yes I have chosen to do it. I just feel bad lying to her face. What ever happen’s tonight, I’ll live with the burden“. “You pumped to be in the main event tonight, I’m so jelous” asked a man.“Sure am ‘Destroyer’, can’t wait to make history” said Alice with a fake smile. “Goodluck out there,” said ‘Destroyer’ as he walks off. Alice is prepared in her attire and walking to behind the entrance of the arena.

“Visit A.W.E shop.com and use the keyword ‘Piledriver’ to receive 5% off any product” said an ad. “What a fantastic match we have just witness. Ryan Duking is the last man standing. Defending he’s championship in a brutal and physical match. Match of the year Brad?” said the commentator. Yes Tom, its gotta be. An instant classic,” Said Brad. “Now its time for our Main event of Bloodbath. A Ladder match for the A.W. E Women’s championship,” said Tom. A rivialy video plays of Alice and Nami. Alice watches the video on a monitor just behind the entrance. A walks past her and they exchange nods. “These two both have a death wish. This extreme rivialy continues to grow,” said the video. The ref stands beside her. He smells like tobacco. “You ready to do this?” asked the ref as he looks nervous. “Yes I am, everything will workout fine” replied Alice. The ref puts he’s hand on her shoulder and jogs into the arena. “I am the queen of extreme and women’s champion. No one gets to disrespect me,” said Nami on the video. Alice does some leg and arm stretchs. The video ends with Alice and Nami in a stare down in the ring. Alice music starts playing. “Your on in 3. 2. 1. go” said a stage hand. The crowd cheers as she enters the area doing her entrance pose. “Both of these woman have had quite a rivialy over the last three-months since it began at survival of the fittest” said Tom.“ These ladies have given five-star matches with each other in each encounter. Hopefully tonight will be the same,” said Brad. Alice runs and slides into the ring and taunts on the top of a ring post.“These ladie’s for weeks have been in a flame war on social media and getting into brawls. They have an intense hatred for each other,” said Brad. Nami enters the arena to the crowd booing her.“Nami had a few words earlier today for her challenger and long time rival,” said Tom. A video of Nami appears on the screen. “Alice, we have been at this for months. You can never defeat me one on one. Your small victorys are irrelevant and don’t compare to my achievements. I am just better than you. Its time to finish this once and for all. In my hometown tonight, my friends and family will see me end your career,” said Nami. “Brutal words from a brutal women,” said Brad. Nami enters the ring and stands at a corner. Ladders surround the ring and the outside.

“This main event is sponsored by the new movie ‘The vengeful four’ and Joseph crisps ‘mega flavor in every bite’,” said a video that plays on all the monitors and the live feed. “The following match is the main event of Bloodbath. For the A.W.E women’s championship. The championship will be defended in a ladder match,” said the announcer. The crowd cheers. “Introducing first, the challenger. Weighing at 85 kilograms. NAMI KATANA,” yelled the annoucer as Alice does a standing backflip and lands on her feet. “Now introding our A.W.E women’s champion. Weighing at 89 kilograms. The self-proclaimed queen of extreme, NAMI AUTO,” yelled the annoucer as Nami raises her belt in the air. Alice reaches out for a handshake but Nami smacks her hand away. The crowd chants “grand theft auto, grand theft auto”. The ref signals for the bell.

Ding, Ding, the bell is rung. The ref signals them to fight. They both circle each other. The crowd is loud, yelling both their names. Nami goes for a test of strength. As Alice reaches her hands to Nami, Nami kicks her in the gut. The crowd booed her. “Nami tricking Alice in the test of strength “ said Tom. Alice charges at her and delivers a few chops to the chest. This backs Nami to a corner. Nami grabs Alice by the hair and rams her hand into the top pad. Alice sways back, regains her composure and drop kicks Nami into the corner. Alice begins to stomp on Nami. “Alice is stomping a mud hole and walking it dry” said Brad. Alice picks Nami up and goes for an irish whip.“Sunset flip me,” whispered Alice. Nami runs across the ring while Alice bends over. “Alice going for her big back drop,” said Tom. Nami flips over her into a sunset flip. Nami escapes after the flip. They both get to their feet fast and charge at each other with clotheslines and connect with them.“The impact of those larriets were brutal,” said Brad. Nami rolls out of the ring and grabs a ladder. Alice gets her strength back and does a diving senton over the top rope. Landing on Nami and the ladder with velocity. “Oh my goodness,” yelled Tom. You could hear the impact.“Holy shit, holy shit” yelled the crowd. Alice gets up first and drags Nami towards the entrance. They get to the stage and Nami knees Alice in the gut. Then suplexs her on the ground. “Nami, fighting back and using her situation to her advantage,” said Tom.

“It’s time,” whispered the ref into Alice’s ears as she stands up. Alice nervously looks at Nami and runs to the ring. The crowd is hot. Nami pauses in surprise and chases after her. Alice slides under the bottom rope and climbs the ladder as fast as she can. Nami enters the ring and knocks over the ladder. Alice jumps off the ladder and lands on her feet. Alice goes for a missile dropkick, but is blocked by Nami. Nami picks up the ladder and hits Alice with it. She drops the ladder and scoop slams her onto it. “What a brutal impact,” yelled Brad. Alice rolls back and forth in pain. Nami picks her up and puts her in a fireman’s carry. Alice drops of her back and pushes her towards the ropes. As she gets close, Alice leaps over her. Nami bounces off the ropes and Alice dives to her stomach. Nami catches on and kicks her in the kidneys with full force. Nami is booed by the crowd. Nami mocks Alice’s hand taunt and the crowd boo’s her more. With Nami’s back turned, Alice taps her on the shoulder. Nami turns around and receives many jabs and chops from Alice.“Slice, dice.slice,dice,” chanted the crowd. Nami fights back with strikes of her own. Alice gives a huge drop kick, sending Nami over the top rope. Alice rolls out of the ring and goes under the ring. Nami drags her back and gets a headshot from a chair Alice was holding. “Look she’s got handcuffs as well. On the ground there,” said Tom. Alice drops the chair and picks up the handcuffs.

As Nami stands up without noticing what Alice is doing. Alice quickly attachs the handcuffs to her hand.Then Alice handcuffs Nami to the bottom rope of the ring. “This is it, she has nowhere to go,” announced Brad. The crowd chants her name as she drags her body into the ring. Nami is angry, kicking and pulling at the handcuffes. Alice starts climbing the ladder. Nami dislocates her wrist and the handcuff slides of her hand. The crowd chants “Holy shit, holy shit”. Nami screams in pain as she enters the ring. “Nami damaging her own hand to escape,” said Tom. A close up of her hand is shown. “It looks like there’s a bone sticking out,” said Brad. Brad and Tom hear a voice in their headsets. “Do not mention her hand and keep up the illusion,” said a voice. The ref gets into the ring to check on her but she pushes him over, with her good hand. Once again Nami knocks over the ladder and Alice lands on her feet. Alice looks scared. “How could you do this to me” yelled Nami. Nami tenses up her fists and looks mad as hell.

Nami snaps, screaming and punch’s Alice in the face with full force. “What a right hand,” said Tom. Alice falls over and quickly gets on and gets into a fighting stance. The crowd goes nuts for her. The ref from the outside enters the ring and tries to calm Nami down. But Nami punches him in the face, breaking he’s nose. As blood drips onto the canvass, he exits the ring. “Nami is out of control,” said Tom. The crowd is mixed with cheers and booes. Nami spear tackles Alice as she tries to run away. She begins striking Alice with fore arms and punches as hard as she can. Security from the back comes running towards the ring. She continues the assault and the crowd becomes quite. Blood forms from Alice’s face. Alice screams for help. Her nose is broken and her eyes are bloodshot.The ref hears a voice in he’s headset “Get in there and help her!!”. Children began to cry and adults watch in horror. The ref stands outside the ring in shock. The security guards enter the ring and restrain Nami.Nami kicks at Alice as she gets dragged by the security guards. Alice’s body twitches as her destroyed face leaks with blood. Medics with stretchers run towards the ring. The commentators are silent. The crowd becomes quite. The screen above the ring is no longer showing the match. The pay per view around the world is cut off from air. The announcer enters the ring. “There will be no more tonight after this incident. We apologise in what you have just seen. Please leave and have a safe journey home,” said the annoucer. Some of the crowd begains to leave and some just boo.

“And in entertainment news, female professional wrestler Alice killed in a profession wrestling ring A.W.E today. After the initial assault in the ring, Alice died on the way to the hospital from internal injurys.Nami Auto was put in a holding cell not far from the arena,shortly after. Nami Auto’s best friend has reported that she have recently ended a relationship with her partner. The autopsy shows that steroids were in her body at the time. We tried to get a quote from A.W.E about the situation. But they have responded by saying ‘No comment’. The footage was recorded in the arena and has become virtual. People on social media send messages of support for Alice’s family. Also a social media page ‘Lockup Nami Auto’ has got a lot of attention on hateful messages towards Nami. Joseph crisps have dropped A.W.E as a sponsor according to there social media page. it’s rumored that the A.W. E was trying to force Nami to lose her tittle in a pro wrestling match. Because she refused to lose in her home crowd. This has happened in professional wrestling before but never to this violent extent. Stay tuned for future developments of this story tomorrow, where our reporters will interview Nami’s lawyer and best friend.”

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