7 Days to die, A video game review by Lee Sonogan

A video game review: By Lee Sonogan


This survival horror video game set in an open world is a highly underrated game so far. Currently in Alpha, the game was released for Playstation 4 and Xbox one in June of this year. It is similar to Minecraft, but with way better graphics. It is also fun like Minecraft, to play with your friends. With the different types of hoards of zombies, you will have a fun time defending your base.

The game’s events happen after a nuclear unknown world war that destroyed most of the world. Except the areas such as the county of Navezgane, Arizona. There is no objective in this game except surviving and leveling up skills and ect. Developers hinted at a possible storyline that will be added in future updates.

You can do many things in this open world. Collect materials and items to create items and a base. The crafting system allows you to make food, decorations, building supplies, weapons, clothes, tools and so much more. Store and create items with furniture and machines such as fridges, furnaces, cupboards, crates, safes and more. Creating a base that can create resources is key in surviving the zombies attacks.

Unlike Minecraft, 7 Days to die has many fire arms. From AK47’s to rocket launchers. Much needed to slay all the zombies that charge at your base. But weapons are hard to find and create. You can find weapon schematics in a feature where there a plane drops supply crates and a logo of it appears on your map. Usally to an area full of enemys such as zombie dogs.


There are many games like this in the zombie survival genre. But this one has potential more than most of the other ones. I recommend trying this one first before the other ones and create a base with your mates. I score this game below. It is that low because it is still in Alpha and has the potential to be even better in the future. One of the things in this game is that it is only first person perspective. Hopefully the developers at The Fun Pimps will add it in before they finish the game.



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