20 More people you should know about

Once again, these people have made a impact in our culture in a positive or negitive way.

1. Graham Handcock


  • Born, August 2, 1950.
  • Writer of The sign and the seal, Fingerprints of the gods, The message of the sphinx, entangled and war God.
  • He specialises in unconventional theories.
  • Created videos such as Earth pilgrims, the war on consciousness, Atlantis Reborn again, Quest for the lost civilization and more.

2. Rupert Murdoch


  • Born: 11 March 1931.
  • Net worth of $11.7 billion.
  • Companion of the order of Australia award.
  • believes in neoliberal economic model.
  • Known for “divide and conquer”
  • Phone hacking.

3. Terrence Mckenna


  • Born, November 16, 1946
  • He was an author and lecturer.
  • Education in BS in ecology, resource conservation, and shamanism.
  • His notable works are The Archiac Revival, Food of the Gods, The invisible Landscape, Psilocybin Magic Mushroom Grower’s guide, True Hallucinations
  • Subjects of knowledge: Shamanism, ethnobotanty, ethnomycology, metaphysics, psychedelic drugs and alchemy

4. Howard Stern


  • Born, January 12, 1954.
  • Radio and television personality, producer, author, actor and photographer.
  • Best known for being the host of The Howard Stern show.
  • Served as a judge on Americas got talent.
  • Inducted into the National Radio Hall of fame.
  • Asks the hard and personal questions in interviews with famous people.
  • Played himself in the movie Private parts based on his own life.

5. Bill Maher


  • Born January 20, 1956.
  • Is a stand-up and does television, film and books.
  • Genres: Political/news satire, observational comedy, cringe comedy, black comedy, insult
  • Well known for his political talk show called Real time with Bill Maher.
  • Supports the legalization of cannabis and same-sex marriage.
  • His critical views on religion were the basis of the very interesting 2008 documentary film called Religulous.
  • Has written multiple books on different kinds of issues.

6. Evan Goldberg


  • Born, 1982.
  • Screenwriter, film producer, flim director.
  • Emmy award for outstanding writing for variety.
  • Canadian comedy award for best writing for a film.
  • golden globe for best motion picture comedy/musical.
  • Independent spirit award for best feature film.
  • genie award for best screen play.

7. Garth Ennis


  • Is known for writing Preacher, The boys, Judge dredd, Hellblazer, Dan dare, Just a pilgrim and Hitman.
  • In 1998 he won the Best writer Eisner Award
  • Born, 16 January 1970.

8. Lee camp


  • Born, July 21, 1980.
  • Moment of Clarity (on youtube and podcast)
  • Also a stand up comedian.
  • Has written three books.
  • Two cd’s by Stand Up! Records.
  • Three DVD’s
  • People who influenced him were Jerry Sienfeld, Dave Barry, George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Doug Stanhope, Lewis Black, Chris Rock and Greg Giraldo.

9. Rove Mcmanus


  • Born, 21 January 1974.
  • Co owner of the production company Roving Enterprises.
  • Nicknamed Rove by his sister at a young age.
  • Done many live stand up shows.
  • Had a talk show in Australia than re made it in America.

10. Doug Stanhope


  • His medium is Stand-up and Television.
  • Born, March 25, 1967.
  • Subjects of his are black comedy, blue comedy, political satire, insult comedy and observational comedy.
  • Topics he speaks of are Current events, American culture, recreational drug use, human sexuality, religion family and libertarianism.
  • Appeared in the Joe Rogan experience many times.

11. Jacque Fresco


  • Founder of the Venus project.
  • Born, March 13, 1916
  • Know for Looking Forward (1969), The Best That Money Can’t Buy (2002)
  • Futurist, Social engineer, structural engineer, architectural designer, industrial designer, author, lecturer.
  • Advocates the global implementation of a resource-based economy.
  • Is currently 100 years old and still spreading the word.
  • In the early seventys he appear on the Larry King show.
  • He is ideas and values are not from communism, but a new formed idea.

12. Alan Moore


  • Born, November 1953.
  • Pen names include Curt Vile, Jillde Ray, Translucia Baboon, The original writer.
  • His occupations are comics writer, novelist, short story writer, screenwriter, musician, cartoonist and magician.
  • Notable works include Batman: the killing joke, From hell, The league of extraordinary gentlemen, Lost girls, marvelman, Promethea, Swamp thing, V for vendetta, Voice of the fire, Watchmen, Superman:whatever, Happened to the man of tommorow?, and for the man who has lost everything.
  • His forst holly wood flim was From hell in 2001.
  • Has influenced people including Neil gaiman, Joss wedon, Damon Lindelof and more.

13. Neil Degrasse Tyson


  • Born, October 5, 1958
  • Knowledge of astrophysics, physical cosmology and science communication.
  • He learnt from the University of Maryland, college Park, Princeton University and the American Museum of Natural History.
  • Won awards from NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal, Klopsteg Memorial Award and the Public Welfare award in 2015
  • Host of the Fox show Cosmos.
  • Appeared and consult for Family guy.

14. William Shakespeare


  • Born, 26 April 1564.
  • Was a Playwright, poet and actor.
  • He had his success during the English renaissance.
  • Created at least 38 plays, 154 sonnets, to long narrative poems and a few other verses.
  • Hamlet,Othello,King lear and Macbeth are some of his most famous storys.

15. Theodore Roosevelt


  • Born, October 27 1858.
  • 26th president of the united states.
  • A driving force in the Progressive Era in the united states.
  • Died January 6, 1919 at the age of sixty.
  • Was part of the political party called the Republicans during 1880-1909.
  • Known for his trust busting and conservationism.
  • The man who put the environment on the national agenda.

16. Aristotle


  • Born, 384 BC.
  • His main interests were biology, zoology, physics, metaphysics, logic, ethics, rhetoric, music, poetry, theatre, politics and government.
  • Has many famous quotes.
  • His most notable ideas are the Golden mean, Aristotelian logic, Syllogism, Hexis,Theory of the soul and Hylomorphism.

17. Grant Morrison


  • Known for creating comics and graphic novels such as All-star superman, Animal man, Batman, Final crisis, Seven Soldiers, New X-men, Fantastic Four, 2000 AD, Skrull Kill Krew, The invisibles, Spider-man and Zoids, JLA, Action comics, Doctor who magazine, Marvel boy, Hellblazer, 52 and the Multiversity.
  • Has won the MBE award.
  • Known for nonlinear narratives and countercultural learnings.
  • His nationality is Scottish.

18. Bill gates


  • Born, October 28, 1955.
  • Net worth of US$76.6 billion.
  • technology Advisor of Microsoft.
  • co-chairman of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • CEO of Cascade Investment.
  • Chairman of Corbis.

19. Stephan Hawking


  • Born, 8 January 1942.
  • Awarded the Adams prize, FRS, Eddington medal, Maxwell medal and price, Heineman Prize, Hughes medal, Alber Einstein Award, CBE, RAS Gold medal, Dirac Medal, CH, Prince of asturias award, Andrew Gemant award, Naylor Prize and lectureship, Lilienfeld prize, Ablert medal (royal society of arts), Copley medal, Presidential medal of freedom, Fundamental pysics prize, FRSA and the BBVA Foundation frontiers of knowledge award.
  • Doctoral students are Bruce Allen, Raphael Bousso, Bernard Carr, Christophe Galfard, Gary Gibbons, Thosmas Hertog, Raymond Laflamme, Don page, Malcom Perry, Wu Zhongchao.
  • His thesis is called Properties of expanding universes.
  • Known for Hawking radiation and Pentise – Hawking theorems.

20. Adolf Hitler


  • Known by most by the evilest man in history.
  • Writer of Mein Kempf, a popular book of hate speech.
  • responsible for the genocide of at least 5.5 million Jews and other victims.
  • Cause of death was suicide.
  • Was awarded 3 medals during his military service in world war 1.
  • Frequently denounced international capitalism and communism as being a part of a jewish conspiracy.
  • Central figure of the Holocaust.
  • Initiated WW2 with the invasion of Poland in 1939.

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