25 More TV shows to watch

More tv shows that are the best going around.

1. Preacher


The first season is not even finished yet and one of the best shows i have ever seen.

2. It’s always sunny in Philadelphia


A comedy show with brutal humour shown in many different ways. Danny Devito is amazing in it.

3. Deathnote


A english dubbed anime that gives the main character the power to kill anyone in his deathnote.

4. The Ronnie Johns half hour show.


A Australian skit show that is very funny. It has the paroady of famous criminal, Mark Brandon ‘Chopper’ Read.

5. True dectective season 1


Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in the first season of this show both give a amazing acting performance.

6. Sons of anarchy


Bikers, gangs and violence. The story of the members of the Sons of Anarchy.

7. Trailer park boys


A comedy based in a trailer park. In Canade theses boys above get into alot of greasey shit.

8. IT crowd


In the basement of a building, these three run the IT department. They get into many crazy and funny scenarios.

9. Deadliest warrior


Two past or modern cultures clash as the team does tests and lays down the facts to see who is better.

10. The Chaser’s War on Everything


This Australia show depics the chasers team going to war on all kinds of topics current and interesting.

11. Moral orel


Made like robot chicken, this show is based in a town called Moralton. All people there are christain and things get crazy like some sort of South Park episode.

12. The ricky gervais show


This show is pretty much Karl Pikington telling a story and Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, just loving it.

13. Viva la bam


For a reality show, Bam magera and his family and freinds get up to some crazy adventures. Tottaly jelous of some of the things they do in this show.

14. Summer heights high


Based in a Australian high school, the actor Chris Liley plays three characters. They are called Ja’mie King, Mr G and Jonah Takalua.

15. Key and peele


A very funny and interesting skit show.

16. Baskets


Zach Galifianakis plays a clown that has no choice but to be a rodeo clown.

17. Orange is the new black


Based off a book, this show is about a all women prison and the storys within the walls. It is also a funny comedy and drama type show.

18. 11 22 63


A time travelling story about the JFK assination.

19. Archer


A clever adult animated series that is about secret agents. There banter and wit to insult each other is priceless.

20. Lost


Somewhat confusing, but interesting show. With a twist at the end the can only explain what many of the scenes are about.

21. The man in the high castle


A alternitive history where the axis powers won WW2.

22. Penn and teller: bullshit


This show tells you the bullshit of different forms and topics with a passion.

23. limitless


This show leads on the movie with the same name. With a new character who takes DZT and solves crimes at the FBI in amazing ways.

24. Avatar: the last air bender


A childrens animated show with alot of dark themes. The jokes in some episodes may be bad. But the action scenes and story will keep you interested.

25. Steven universe

Steven Universe

From Cartoon Network, this show is as good as Adventure time and Regular show. But shorter, deeper storys the link and not as random.


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