The man in the high castle, A tv show review by Lee Sonogan

A tv show review: By Lee Sonogan

1hr/Drama, Sci-fi, thriller/ TV series (2015)


This show is what would happan if Japan and the Nazi’s won World war two. An American dystopian alternative history with a story that includes mysterious flims. Based loosely of the 1962 Novel by the same name, the Axis wins WW2 and splits America up between the two. With a netural zone inbetween them. It is implied that Japan and Germany have taken most countrys in the show. Amazon’s “Most-watched since the original series development program began.”

Original release date was January 15, 2015. This show is produced by Amazon Studios, Scott Free, Headline Pictures, Electric Shepherd Prouductions and Big Light Productions. Also even big time director Ridley Scott Known for the movies Blade Runner, Alien, The Martian, Prometheus and so much more, produced this tv series.

SPOILER ALERT!!! the plot with the mysterious flims is somewhat explained in the final episode by Hitler as a old man. You also see Hitler in tv shows some of the characters watch in the show.

The above ground rail line in the first episode is the Seattle Monorail. SS Headquarters in New York appears to be in the same location as the real headquarters of the United Nations.

The acting was great in some scenes, but mostly competent. And the script seemed oddly placed some times. But overall the design and ambiance was superb. Perfecr music to set most of the interesting scenes in the show. And the underline themes in the dialog are broad and interesting. Racism, good vs evil, references to real life, diversity, war, politics and opinions, oppresion, and cultures are just some of the themes in this show.


I power watched most of this show. Because it was too dam good in every episode. A second season of it is set to be released at the end of this year. Hopefully it will add to the unanswered questions they have left in the final episode. I recommand this show to anyone who enjoys history and psycological thrillers.



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