Red Eye, an energy drink review

An energy drink review: By Lee Sonogan


This divine liquid is the best drink known on Planet earth. Made in Australia since 1996, it has flown under the rader behind many other known drinks as Coke, Monster, Gatorade and more. Hence the purpose of this review. Prepare your taste bads for the amazing tastes of Classic, Platinum, Extreme, Passion, Gold and Power.

An energy drink with attitude, was its slogen in the past. This high quality beverage will bring added enjoyment to life. Satisfying a diverse appetite, it is worth any price it is being sold. Ranging from 2$ to 4.50$.

This wonderful drink and manufactured at 40-44 KEON PARADE / THOMASTOWN / VIC 3074 / AUSTRALIA.

Not sold every where, you will have to find it in a country town store. I lived in Melbourne for a year and rarely saw the popoular flavor Platinum. This flavor tastes like skittles to most. But my personal favourite is Classic with Extreme coming second.

This is my favorite beverage and i belive it could be yours too. At least appreacate it compared to what you enjoyed to drink. Keep an eye out for this drink and it may blow your mind. DRINK MORE RED EYE!!!



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